NY Audio Show 2013

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Michael Fremer  |  Apr 16, 2013  |  1 comments
The Ikeda Sound Labs KAI MC cartridge mounted on an Ikeda tone arm, itself mounted on a chrome-y looking Triangle Art Signature turntable appeared at the New York Audio Show.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 14, 2013  |  9 comments
"Classic Album Sundays", the vinyl-oriented listening event founded by Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy is part of the New York Audio Show. Murphy's events, which started in the UK and are now occurring around the world, attract music fans to a venue where they hear a full album on vinyl through a good audio system. During the event, cell-phones must be turned off and talking is discouraged. Since most of the attendees have never heard a good audio rig, most sit, mouth agape, unable to talk anyway!

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 16, 2013  |  3 comments
New York City based Atocha Design displayed a gorgeous looking, superbly crafted retro-cabinet designed to hold components and store records or other lesser media. All of the company's cabinetry is hand-crafted in the U.S.A. by a master cabinetmaker.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 16, 2013  |  1 comments
Best sound at the show? It wasn't close and it wasn't fair. The best sound was, without a doubt, in the MBL room where MBL importer Jeremy Bryan demonstrated why he's among the best and most meticulous/fanatical set-up guys in the business.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 16, 2013  |  1 comments
Does this look like a $5995 phono preamplifier? It looks far more costly to me. Canadian manufacturer Coincident Technology sells this new two-box tube-based phono preamp direct to consumers for $5995.
Michael Fremer  |  May 06, 2017  |  19 comments
As the 50th anniversary approached of the 1967 release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Apple Corps and its president Jeff Jones set about deciding how best to mark the occasion (or not).
Michael Fremer  |  Apr 15, 2013  |  2 comments
Spotted in the Wes Bender Audio room the new (Jim) Hagerman Trumpet Reference MC/MM phono preamplifier. Uses 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes. Features both MC and MM inputs with a wired remote control for all adjustment functions also available on front panel.
Michael Fremer  |  Apr 15, 2013  |  2 comments
Acoustical Systems' SME-collet type headshell offers provisions for overhang/zenith angle, azimuth and VTA/SRA adjustability.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 16, 2013  |  6 comments
It was a hectic show for me. I had agreed to do two events each Friday and Saturday in conjunction with Colleen Murphy's Classic Album Sundays in a room featuring a Spiral Groove SG 1.1 turntable and Centroid arm, VTL Reference electronics including a pair of big Siegfried mono blocks and a pair of Wilson Audio Specialties MAXX 3 loudspeakers.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 15, 2013  |  2 comments
The latest turntable from Simon Yorke, the S-10 is a battery powered design that appears to be a seriously refined and updated edition of the S-7 that was my reference for nearly a decade.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 15, 2013  |  1 comments
Transfiguration's new Proteus MC cartridge replaces the highly regarded and well-reviewed Orpheus L that went out of production last year.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 13, 2013  |  6 comments
The New York Audio Show opened yesterday with modest press attendance in the morning but good consumer crowds later in the afternoon.

Michael Fremer  |  Apr 16, 2013  |  4 comments
So how was the show? Last year's show was pretty awful. This year's show was very good for many reasons. Just look at the smile on the face of Acoustic Sounds' Chad Kassem.
Michael Fremer  |  Apr 16, 2013  |  2 comments
The new VPI direct drive turntable prototype and 3D printed JMW Memorial tonearm made their debuts at the New York Audio Show.

Stephen Mejias  |  Apr 18, 2013  |  0 comments
Photo by Ariel Bitran

I missed this one. Thanks to Stereophile's Stephen Mejias for kindly allowing it to be reprinted here-ed.