Coincident Statement Phono Preamplifier Looks as Good as It Sounded

Does this look like a $5995 phono preamplifier? It looks far more costly to me. Canadian manufacturer Coincident Technology sells this new two-box tube-based phono preamp direct to consumers for $5995. The unit features a 100 watt power amplifier sized power supply and uses 2 12AX7s per channel in a point-to-point wired circuit.

High quality step up transformers help the unit produce 66dB of gain. RIAA is zero feedback passive. Quality components (polystyrene caps in the RIAA circuit, Teflon film and foil coupling caps) are used throughout.

And as an added extra, the Statement features a line input and dual mono volume pots, making it also a full function preamplifier.

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