Trinity Electronic Design Phono Preamplifier Reaches For Perfection, Hits Exalted Price Point

This modestly sized, unassuming looking little jewel was in use in the Audio Arts room, fed by a Jan Aalerts cartridge mounted in the Simon Yorke S-10.

Germany-based Trinity Electronic Design's "Phono" uses 96 low noise Integrated Circuits (24 symmetrical pairs per channel) in a unique electronic architecture and eschews the use of what it calls "sound-impairing" step-up transformers—even when used with ultra-low output .15mV MCs. Thems is fightin' words in some quarters!

The Phono's claimed noise figure is lower than that of an unmodulated record groove. The fully balanced, dual differential design accepts only XLR inputs and outputs are XLR only as well. It also features RIAA equalization plus three others (FFRR, EMI and Columbia) for use with pre-RIAA records from the monophonic era.

The impeccably built Phono comes in a handsome flight case and given its $34,750 price tag, hopefully it got to fly first class!

This needs to be reviewed by someone. I know just the guy!

Hardwax's picture

Any comments on the sound of this phono pre? It sounds like an interesting design.

Very pricey but with the soulution, vac and arc uber-phono stages, i'm curious to know how this phono pre stacks up to your experienced ears.

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I reviewed it for a future Stereophile issue but because I only had SE turntable termination I will get it back when I have new Graham Elite tonearm for balanced operation and more detailed review.