New Simon Yorke S-10 Turntable and Tone Arm: Visual Elegance and High Performance

The latest turntable from Simon Yorke, the S-10 is a battery powered design that appears to be a seriously refined and updated edition of the S-7 that was my reference for nearly a decade.

The S-7 was a rock-solid sounding turntable that offered superb image focus, impressive speed control and weight and solidity far beyond its modest size.

Seven years ago I sold my S-7 to a friend who continues using and enjoying it—a testament to its quality and durability.

The $20,000 hand-made S-10 is imported by Audio Arts of New York City

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Turtables are so rare in these days.You can't just find that anywhere and such i got if I'll be able to purcahse this item. - Scott Safadi

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I still own a Zarathustra.  And I was running S7 before Mikey bought his. Wonderful. Would never have changed it but I tried S10 and it is tighter, in large part due to less heavy duty mixed material platter, far better damped.  But the real revelation is the Aeroarm (not shown in Mikey's short piece. in my view it's quite simply the only really successful parallel tracker. Tight is again the word...signal and especially soundstage.  Cartridge carrier is 1/4 the mass of typical pivoted arm and less than 1/3 of an effective 9" length so works best with lightweight cartridges.  Tracking is totally secure at minimum recommended settings. AA/Ortofon A90 is made in heaven.  Simon even bought an A90 on my rec and concurs.  He and I also love Van den Huls - I have four of those, but listen much more on the A90 now.  Another huge advantage of AA is you get supplied with 2 carriers, can buy more, and can set up multiple cartridges.  Slip fresh pre-loaded carrier on bar, fix air and signal lines, set VTA on the fly and off you go - barely a minute.