Oops! Missed One: Bob's Devices Step Up Transformer for VPI 'Tables

Photo by Ariel Bitran

I missed this one. Thanks to Stereophile's Stephen Mejias for kindly allowing it to be reprinted here-ed.

Bob Sattin—the Bob in Bob’s Devices—introduced his new Step-Up Transformer/VPI Interface Box ($1650), “specially created to improve the performance of a VPI turntable when used with a low-output moving-coil cartridge.”

Sattin explained that the unit eliminates a set of interconnects and connectors in the phono playback circuit, and incorporates his highly regarded “Blue Series” CineMag 1131 step-up trannie and a Ground/Lift switch.

It attaches directly to the VPI tonearm base and can be used on several VPI tonearms, including the JMW Memorial Series arms, the new Classic arm, and other heritage arms. Follow Sattin’s detailed installation guide, or send your tonearm base to Sattin and he’ll take care of the installation for you.