Symbol Shows "Don Draper Object of Desire" Modern Record Console

Symbol Audio displayed and demoed at the New York Audio Show it's ultra- cool '50s retro all-in-one Modern Record Console—an homage to the '50s era consoles manufactured by companies like Churchill that incorporated high quality components from companies like Fisher, Scott, Harman Kardon into stylish wood cabinets.

The Modern Record Console cabinetry is individually crafted in the tradition of fine bench-made furniture from solid American Walnut, while the pedestal is hand patinated 1/4" plate steel, giving it a warm, solid look and feel. Guys with style drooled.

LIft the lid and inside is a hand-built, point-to-point wired EL-34 based push-pull integrated amplifier built upon a steel chassis and a Pro-Ject turntable (looks like a 5.1SE) fitted with a Sumiko Blue Point II cartridge. Hidden from view is another amplifier that drives the equally well-hidden subwoofer to fill in the lowest frequencies missed by the two front-mounted speakers. Also hidden is a wi-fi router for streaming audio via iphone, iPad, iPod or computer.

Cost is around $26,000. Yes this is not the way to maximize performance for the buck, but it is a way to get very good sound into many a stylish NYC loft and you can bet it will find many buyers. In fact I know one guy who placed an order at the show.

The Modern Record Console was among the coolest products at the show in my opinion. Don Draper is the fictional advertising executive starring in the AMC series "Mad Men" iff'n you didn't know.

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Quick correction: the character from Mad Men is Don Draper.

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I hate when that happens! I watched it last night too....

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    Another correction.... those are EL84 tubes not EL34.

   Anyway, I just post about this on Stereophile...

   I was in that room. It was pretty neat and sounded OK. I even said to the guy that he should try get it in "Mad Men" 

     I did asked him about the price, with the music playing I was assuming he said $6K. I said not bad if you want to host a martini party in a bathrobe. I took some pictures before I left the room.

    Wow! $26K? You don't say! Oh! Well, it is pretty I must say...  but I'll stick with my system, thanks.

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