This is the Face of a Spamming Pest

This is Mallory Fleming. She is a midwestern self-absorbed teenager who dreams of being Kim Kardashian. So she finds the money to pay people to litter this website with spam containing hyperlinks to her Fecesbook page.

I hate Mallory Fleming. I hate spammers. This site is unfortunately polluted with spam. I work at least a half hour every day to remove the spam from this site and that's just to keep up with the daily input.

There's a backlog that will take months to clear out. Imagine how much better use I could make of my time, writing and posting stuff you'd like to read instead of deleting crap you don't.

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she is

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She's an empty headed, uncultured piece of you know what! She can drive, vote, and move next door to you one day. Gotta luv America huh?

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The fact that people like her can vote is troubling. From the "Me Generation". Sad. 

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put a cap in her ass....

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I just sooooo deserve a great lifestyle, with sexy friends, and the rest of my narcisstic hangers-on! We stare at our phones all day and text each other about literally nothing, but we look so smug and self-satisifed doing it that everyone must know we are so cool! 

I hope one day to interest all people of the world to gaze upon my vacuous countenance and say "She is cute!"  

PS- She aint cute.  She looks like every other worthless cookie-cutter airhead on the planet.  

NO STYLE, no sense of her individual self, nothing noting any reason to give her a second look, or even a first 'listen'.  UGLY inside and out!!!!! 

Hopefully one day they can be sued or at least denied their attacks on this and the other sister sites.  

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I looked up this airhead. She posts her phone number and adress on this site:

We should all call her and tell her to get the f*ck off of this site! Mikey has vinyl to review!

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Bet she's got Bose speakers!

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Like, what r those?  Ear buds all the way, totally!

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i think just ignoring her would be best - these people love attention......

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You give me 2 hours, an empty room, and my MFSL Marvin Gaye records. I'll make her understand.

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was a little rape-y. need a hot shower. ok, aaand i'm back. listen folks, this is most likely not a real person. Some crafty, russian/indian/chinese programm-y n'er do wells have meticulously built a fake profile to help middle age suckers like us feel just a little more comfortable clicking that link. 

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Yes.  Finally an intelligent comment.  I can't believe I actually scrolled through them. 

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...I've helped manage a couple online forums that were having major spamming problems. We tried about every imaginable captcha plugin we could find, but the bots were still blowing past them. By far the most effective method we found was to add a simple question or command to the registration process that registrants have to answer or fill-in to create an account. For a sample check out Polk Audio's forum registration. After entering a DOB check out the Random Question section. I know it seems way too easy, and simple, but it really does work.

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Could she set her bar any lower than to be like the daughter (who has done exactly what to be famous?) of a slime who was buddies with another slime. Mallory probably just loves MP3s!

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you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a Pig!

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Around here, we'd call her, "Crack Ho Barbie."