Chris Bellman Not Cutting "Tommy" Reissue

Contrary to what at least one vinyl vendor's website claims, Chris Bellman is not involved in the new Tommy vinyl reissue.

One website says: "Cut from the original two track quarter inch mater tapes provided by The Who on Classic's all tube stereo cutting system by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. Pressed on heavy weight vinyl and packaged in authentic tri-fold laminated sleeve including original booklet. This is a masterpiece in every way and an absolute must for all rock fans!"

I checked with Chris who told me:
"Did not do this one. I haven't worked on any Who since the Classic stuff."

The amount of misinformation on vinyl vendor websites is beginning to be a cause for concern.

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from an old Classic Records blurb?

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My local record shop owner always says,"Nothing surprises me in this business,anymore", when confronted with situations like these.


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To be fair to online vinyl websites, I have sent emails to them pointing out misinformation about certain LPs and they corrected them. They sent emails back saying they got the 'blurbs' from the record companies.

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Music companies seem to devote more attention to the books, scarves, postcards, stickers and other freebies than to the music contained in these boxes. I had to return my snappy looking Beach Boys Made in California box when I discovered that the last few songs on each CD wouldn't play on my Oppo player. Really impressive yearbook came with it, though.

interesting priorities.