Eric Leefe Takes Delivery of his New Stereo

Eric Leefe got his new stereo installed last weekend. He wanted to thank readers and acknowledge the outpouring of generosity from readers so with his permission I pointed the iPhone camera at him.

Thanks again to PBN's Peter Noerbaek for donating the speakers, Andrew Jones for the Pioneer Elite SXA9 receiver and 300 disc CD changer and to Kimber Kable for a set of 12TC speaker cables.

The system sounds great and Eric is thrilled though we're waiting for delivery of a big-buttoned remote to help him use the CD changer.

Nonetheless, when I last visited him I could hear from way down the hall James Taylor's "Rainy Day Man". When I entered the room the sun was shining and Eric was grinning ear to ear enjoying his new system.

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Enjoy your music!

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Will the remote be affixed to Eric's chair to help him manage the buttons?

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He's got a hospital table in front of the chair where he's got his remote collection: TV, satellite box, etc. Thanks for asking...
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Looks like a great set-up for Eric!

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That got through my tough looking exterior.

gak27's picture what the love of music is all about.

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by what you and readers, Industry friends did to reach out and help Mr. Leefe enjoy a better quality of life.

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You done good here, Mikey.

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People are so generous. Damn I have some dust in my eye.

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Enjoy the new system! I bet it sounds great - keep on rocking' and rollin'!!

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It Still Exists!
Music Is Truly Life..

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Often during my life I've been hesitant to acknowledge my great love for the re-creation of music in a home environment. Not for shame, but often just to avoid the odd questions, derision or disbelief I'd hear from non-audiophiles. For 25 years I worked with the mentally and physically disabled. I'd noted for years that most musics failed to evoke a reaction from my clients, except for Rock and R & B. Because my guys recognized innately the original tenet of R & B/Rock: The beat is the message. Watching this unfold with Eric brought this old music lover to tears. Not of sympathy. Eric is a man, he has no need of my cheap sympathy. No, these tears were of love and empathy. His love of music as mine, my guys inability to verbalize their feelings, trusting in me to recognize their needs, and me fulfilling some of them with the magical beats of music. Today that beat is still the message, and one I'm happy to share. Today I can say I am proud of all audiophiles, especially those with such big hearts. Today I can say I'm proud to be an audiophile.

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After watching this, everything sounds a lot better to me...

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I wish we were neighbors so we could be music listening buddies. What a great little thing to read here on Stereophile-Analog Planet today!

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Great success story for Eric with a happy ending How about arranging for him to attend a future nyc audio show if he is interested? I would conribute to his ticket cost. This story's positive outcome shows that not all audiophiles are elitist snobs. Thanks so much for helping this gentleman enjoy music more.

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I don't know who was smiling more while watching the video, you or me! ENJOY