A Lego Turntable?

From Mixmag.net: someone in Korea has built a working LEGO turntable and tone arm. Amazing.

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TURNTABLES ARE AWESOME!!!!..... la la la la, la la la la la la...

hahaha... now that damn LEGO movie song is stuck in my head...

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was a terrific movie!
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This looks really cool. Maybe this is a way to get "kids" into vinyl and become audiophiles?

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This is the perfect combination of my passion and my 5 year old son's passion (he recently assembled the 1500 pc Millennium Falcon mostly on his own), while I recently brought the 'table into the living room so records can become his and my 7 year old daughter's passion as well.

They like vinyl, especially some of the cover art and the colored vinyl in my collection.

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...are AWESOME when they're part of your team--er, system.

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... haha

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at a ToysRUs near you.

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I'm looking forward to reading your review :-)
I expect clarity and black backgrounds :-)

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not sure the design allows for sra, vta adjustability, how about anti-skate? Tracking force looks adjustable...another crosley killer!

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This video is not available in your country.


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How does it sound and mass gains by using LEGO's .If so I will get my son on this ASAP . LOL

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...that playback will sound bricked.

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You never really see it all in this hobby. Thats what keeps it interesting.
Can anyone get a copy of that video?

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That's so imaginative! I've seen some amazing things made from Lego's, an automatic rife powered by a rubber band, shoots plastic blocks, and an animated coin bank that puts on a show with each coin. I wonder if he has posted the design somewhere? Or it may be more fun to design your own. But the big question, how does it sound? Need more VTA? Add a block!

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Hi Mikey,
I know you've said you don't worry about such things but a pity the LP in the video clip couldn't have been manufactured to the same accuracy as the Lego.It sounded great other than the wow.....

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Think about it, this is the ultimate example of Music Hall's design philosophy with their multiple layer approach. If you could put the thinnest laters of sorbothane between each lego layer, it would be like having an MMF turntable with 45 layers. I give you ... The MMF 40!

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LEGO has always been a popular toy among children and adults alike, but to see it used in this subway surfers unblocked way is truly amazing

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It's unfortunate that the LP in the video clip couldn't have been produced with the same level of accuracy as the Lego, despite the fact that you've indicated you don't worry about such things skibidi toilet. In spite of the wow, it sounded fantastic.