Watch Michael Fremer "Roast" Chad Kassem at L.A. and Orange County Audiophile Society Gala

Chad Kassem was given the Los Angeles and Orange County Audiophile Society's Founders Award at the group's annual Gala on Sunday December 7th, 2014. President Bob Levi asked Chad who he most wanted to introduce him at the ceremony and he chose editor, Michael Fremer (me).

I watched some Comedy Central roasts to get the rhythm and flavor and after watching Lisa Lampanelli roast Chevy Chase, I sat down and wrote a bunch of nasty zingers aimed at Chad. They were funny, cruel and barbed.

While on the plane to Los Angeles I reconsidered what I'd written so after writing and posting the Ellington Masterpieces record review I set about re-writing the roast material to make it less nasty and more lighthearted. Here's the video:

Chad Kassem Receives 2014 LAOCAS Founders Award from Benjamin R Williams on Vimeo.

Jazzfan62's picture

I had the chance to talk with Chad a bit at the RMAF. Down to earth guy. A lot of fun to talk with. Congrats to him on the event, well deserved.

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Recall the Hugh Grant movie (a rom com, I think) where he glibly and successfully roasts the couple at their wedding reception and his pal's blundering insults - trying the same at another/

audiof001's picture

I met Chad in 1990 or so, selling those used records at an audio show here in NYC. Driving thru Salina, KS fresh from a family reunion a few years back, we called first and dropped by Acoustic Sounds to visit with Chad for a while. He showed us Blue Heaven Studio, introduced us to some of the people there and made my family feel right at home. Love the guy.

Michael Fremer's picture
He is one of a kind and very special for sure... big heart...
Trace's picture

December 7, 2014 ....a date that will live in infamy.

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To take a tiny corner of the world and have the impact and vision that Chad had and has is remarkable. No one can say that if they are a customer that they did not get a great value for what they bought. Quality never comes inexpensively, and in vinyl, his customers know how great vinyl can sound. What he has done with his pressing plant is truly the proper application of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and passion. He is to be congratulated.

atomlow's picture

Great moment. Congrats to both of you. Keep up the good work for all of us listening to vinyl. Thank you Michael and Chad.

Jack Gilvey's picture

The two guys in that pic are a big part of why we have such rich choices available in vinyl these days. Thanks!

Ian Lee's picture

Yes you're right Jack! They are showing us the way.

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Who should roast you? Because that day will come...

Michael Fremer's picture
Haven't thought about it...but will if the time comes...
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Yesterday, the entire 'Ellen' audience received the Beatles Mono box of vinyl along with an Electrohome briefcase-style turntable. Sure, we can poke fun at a $110 turntable playing $350 worth of the best quality vinyl around. If it weren't for these two guys, the audience would have been groaning that they weren't receiving the CD box! That audience screamed crazy excited to be getting vinyl - may be it was 'cause it was free, but one can hope!

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Loved watching this roast.
I so miss the audio world.
The happiest time of my life was working in a high-end stereo shop in Pittsburgh.
I got a reputation for my audiophile ears.
I went to audio events and shops and people would know me.
Anyway congrats to Chad and keep em coming.

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It's always at someones expense.

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Great roast, I couldn't name a more deserving recipient. In terms of importance, the work that Chad's team at APO is doing to preserve the blues and continually improve the standards of vinyl record quality rates with Edison's invention and Lomax's recordings of traditional folk music. Sorry I missed the event. Thanks for recording and sharing and congrats to all.