Allnic Speednic Sweepstakes

Register to win an Allnic Speednic universal turntable speed verification system (MSRP $399) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Its price of $399 reflects its luxurious fit and finish. You'd lust to own one for it's handsome looks but Speednic's record player speed verification at any frequency during play with it's highly visible indicator makes this tool's ownership a must."

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

thirtycenturyman's picture

Looks like a quality piece!

Trevor Gearhart's picture

so I can act like I know what i'm talking about.

jrhud's picture

where it stops nobody knows, but here's to hoping.

Puffer Belly's picture

Toys are always fun.

Zardoz's picture

This looks like a great piece of setup and maintenance gear.


HiFiMark's picture

Really should be $331.30 no? Count me in.

playthebody's picture

I'm in.

aurelio's picture

I feel lucky's picture

oh, imagine the look on the wife's face as I add yet another turntable device to tweak...nice.

Audio 1's picture

Would love to own this one ....

Doronca2856's picture

Can use one , thank you !

carja's picture

but it's a bit pricey for what one gets- still, I'd gladly use a free one.

zzcorey's picture


janpmincarelli's picture

Sure, I'll try this out, why not?

Auric G's picture

I can always purchase the Phoenix Roadrunner.

lensimons's picture

Looks like a great accessory!

Joost's picture

There is nothing like a good strobe from time to time.

larson manor's picture

Would match my JA Michell turntable color. Match made in heaven.

A_Bord's picture

This would be awesome on my MMF 7. Good luck, everyone.

Mistermuse1's picture

Love to have one.

Rak's picture

Sign me up!

GFaulk's picture

Some day I'll win something.

vuckozagi's picture

Saw it at 2015 CAS.Looks and works really well.

isaacrivera's picture

Count me in.

SunRa2000's picture

but what does it do that can't be done for several hundred dollars less?

SteveRB's picture


Music Loving Motorcyclist's picture

What is the cheapest thing on a BMW motorcycle?

The rider!

Hajidub's picture

With this I can stop having RPM debates with my turntable...I got you now!

markbrauer's picture

Speed limit 33RPM.

Vinylghost's picture

This will force me to buy a better turntable.

Spin Lps's picture

More analog accessories. Cool!

Spin Lps's picture

More analog accessories. Cool!

beaur's picture

Nice and silver!

Steelhead's picture

I certainly would use it. The old paper speed strobe and flashlight is getting old.

torturegarden's picture

I wonder how accurate my MMF 5 SE is.

anomaly7's picture

What a wonderfully useful devise.
I'd love one.

econalan's picture

Hope I win!

evilroyslade's picture

I'd love it.

JEB-42's picture

Love to add one of these to my gear!

english pete's picture's hopin' it's Texas bound.

terrybbagit's picture

Would love to win this count me in

rakemup's picture

I would like to have one!

Idler's picture

Steady, Go

rshak47's picture

for my four TT's!

Digbyindeed's picture

It worked! Just signed up, and have my fingers crossed

volvic's picture

Waiting for delivery of a Thorens TD 124 so this will prove great for occasionally checking the speed.

jek's picture

Looks like a fancy KAB strobe system without the plastic/vinyl mat. Would love it!

JoeESP9's picture

Count me in.

moscaman's picture

Really enjoyed the Labor Day Radiocast.
Sign me up for spinny thing.
This looks something that can make me worry about my turntable. Does anyone know if owning one of these makes you buy a new turntable?

Curvfalls's picture


Stu Morgenstern's picture

...I do lust to own one.

austinlee's picture

Would love to win it.

Captmobley's picture

This would be a great addition to my system.

lorax's picture

to my strobe disc and test light.

Ktracho's picture

I've never won anything (except for a mug), so please pick me!

brentc's picture

Would love to have one.

orthobiz's picture

Pick Me!


jh4all's picture

Would be cool.

mikenc's picture

I could use this with my old table.

Driftwood's picture

This would be quite useful!

VirginVinyl's picture

Thanks, I'm in Sync

mikerr's picture

...the speed, that-is...
love it !

K6MJD's picture

it will make my records go to eleven.

mraudioguru's picture

Reminds me of my disco days!

rakalm's picture

Would be great for my Traveler.

Doctor A's picture

Looks nice.

CarterB's picture

Count me in

sjshiel's picture

It will work great with my Scout.

badboss429's picture

Why not??

Dorian Workman's picture

For you kind offer

grey17's picture


Jeffrey B's picture

Please enter me.

ebuzz's picture

Will I ever win one of these?

elmopio's picture

This would be a great addition.

lcater1's picture

Best looking strobe I've seen!

MazeAnalogue's picture

Speed Kills!

punkzter's picture

Yep, I'd love this.

tallguy's picture

Very cool.

pbnaudio's picture

indeed !

Good Listening


ukiro's picture

I fear this thing will verify my suspicion that my TT is far more uneven speed-wise than it has any right to at its price...

Dobro910's picture

Speednic. Good luck to all!

fsdaron's picture

I want this.

patunnell's picture

With sugar on top!

Tedrick's picture

This would the perfect addition to my turntable setup toolkit.


jazzguy's picture

Yes, it's my turn to win.

Chris Everhart's picture

Send this one my way...

DocSamG's picture

I would love to win it, but I hope whoveverdoes really enjoys it

DocSamG's picture

I would love to win it, but I hope whoever does really enjoys it

carl478's picture

Good luck everyone.

Bob Harden's picture

Would love to win this one.

propofol's picture

this is something any vinyl lover would love to own

dkg787's picture

This is my favorite website in the whole wide world!

hifidunza's picture

this newfangled gadget!

Big Cap's picture

...I need this!

Goochified1's picture

...once I win, is: let's say this neat little item is employed and tells me my LPs are spinning at 33.2 - then what? How the hell will I adjust my turntable from there? Time to get Rega tech support on the line!

Plantboy's picture

I could not add comments the other day for some reason.

Jordy S's picture

This a great product. Can I have two?

chriscarcinogen's picture

Even a blind pig friends an acorn occasionally

iyke's picture

Send it over, please.

Patanalog's picture

Since I'm in Denver, please bring it to RMAF.

bdbender4's picture

Then I will be able to tell for myself if a fraction of a percent in speed is really a mountain or a molehill. (My Clearaudio Performance is adjustable. My Rega has the electronic controller.) Paper strobe discs printed off the internet work OK, but have no class. None.

And would somebody please loan Mr. Fremer an RP-10 so he can review it?

Supergome's picture

Looks lovely, and simple to use.

kozakjj's picture

The stars are aligned

fernando3728's picture

Come to me my Precious

planarhead's picture

Yes please, count me in! Thank you.

kenkirk's picture

to watch the rotation of the world centered on my spindle at a perfect 33 1/3...

skipgiles's picture

Looks fairly epic.

concerto12's picture

And would be very useful.'s picture

And I'd love to win it!

8thman's picture

Hope I win and then get to spin.

GeeLP's picture

They would complement each other so nicely! And then I would be $400 ahead on the Continuum Caliburn!

abelb1's picture

Looks good

JohnEcc's picture

Looks like great piece of equipment.

sgibson389's picture

Nice product to see if you are up to speed. Thanks, Analog Planet and Allnic for the giveaway.

vinyl_ninja's picture

Does it compensate for magnetic declination?

sbrown1965's picture

would be great

J. Carter's picture

I would like one please!!

madoco's picture

got my entry in on the nic of time

Lellis's picture

and feeling lucky!

duskdrums's picture

Yes please!

D.A. Trig's picture

Yes please..

BfnC's picture

Hoping to win

aw's picture

I'd love to win this! I could really use it.

teachscience's picture

I want it, I want it, I want it!

Stevieray's picture

I have no idea what my VPI is spinning at, lol.

gringostarr's picture


AlienRendel's picture

looks cool!

Cam08529's picture


nelsonkiwi's picture

Very much needed

michaeloney's picture

Count me in!!!

gsuen's picture

i do want

Crashcup's picture

Looks real cool. Wonder if it's made with nickel alloy.

Shaizada's picture

Pick me! Spin me!

droche's picture

Count me in!

oldnkranky's picture

Isn't that nice of me?

MSB's picture

Makes my white plastic (will remain unnamed) strobe disc look inaccurate in comparison.

hrlaser's picture

The first photo gave me a Huh?" kind of reaction.. the second photo and it instantly made sense.. this would sure kick the pants off the paper printout and fluorescent lamp speed verifyer I've used for years on my vintage turntables that don't have strobes and marks on the rim of the platter.. it looks loverly.. I've never won a thing from AP despite years of trying.. I promise to give it a good home. Thanks for the chance..

Newman's picture

Definitely would be an upgrade for me.

Victor Minovich's picture

Would look good on our new Prime!

gofast's picture

But this would be even better...

audiojohn's picture

Ship to Michigan, please!

Felvis1's picture

Would like to have one.

2_channel_ears's picture

You can't catch me coyote

lbkwhitney's picture

I am new to vinyl. Should a record be cleaned every time it is played? How thoroughly and what tools are good for cleaning before every play? After how many plays should a record be cleaned with something like a record cleaning machine?

Suggs's picture

I never win anything, so really pleased not to win this attractive piece of kit

lomarti's picture

Would love to win and use on my turntable.

burkut's picture

Looks like a great and handy tool.
Hi from TURKEY

nelg's picture

So sorry international readers could not participate in this sweepstake, but only US citizens
But nevertheoess i wish all participating all the best.

JBryan's picture

I can certainly find a few uses for it... THANKS!

twelden's picture

Okay, sign me up, Scotty.