"The Beatles" Unboxing The 4 LP and Deluxe Slipcase Digital Box Sets

Here's a video in which AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer "unboxes" the 4 LP and and Deluxe 6 CD+Blu-ray boxes containing Giles Martin's The Beatles remixes, the Esher Demos and in the case of the Deluxe set, a great deal more!

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Don’t need convincing.

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cost 99.00 at musicdirect comes "Housed in a 2 piece lift off lid box with 16 page 12" x 12" stapled book."

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Does not exist!
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As it turns out, George Harrison did wind up recording the song Not Guilty on his eponymous 1979 album - the one that also included the song Blow Away.

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Can't wait! Can you confirm that the blu ray contains everything in the set in hirez? I know about the surround mix and the new stereo mix but the blu contains the demos and outakes as well?

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Hi, Excellent article as ever. One minor comment for the pedantic amongst us (myself included!)

Esher is prononuced Eeesh Er. One syllable.

I used to live there so a reliable source.

PS I like my 2014 mono so happy to sit on hands.

Keep up the good work.

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i too am happy with my mono copies. the 2009 CD box and i also bought a 2014 mono vinyl.
i also have three versions of the stereo lp. my old usa version and a 30th and 40th stereo version on CD. wonder why the new version didn't have a mono ?

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I went off like an unguided missile and bought the new ERC Bill Evans reissue, then swore off new purchases until Christmas.

It was worth it.

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Could not resist.

Really enjoy Giles work on Love and anniversary Peppers so just had to pre-order. With a discount I had on Amazon it came in under 80 bucks for the 4 lp set. Bought it primarily for the Esher content.

Love the album and have for decades, Man, time flies. Had a German pressing I bought in 72-73 that I loved but basically wore it out. Dubbed it to 7.5 tape on a Revox A77 back when it was new and that got hosed as well.

Love the mono box-set version, Hell, love the mono box period, but I just STILL to this day cannot resist the Beatles.

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Your loss.
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Just saw this per Amazon:
"Editorial Reviews
For 50 years, ‘The White Album’ has invited its listeners to venture forth and explore the breadth and ambition of its music, delighting and inspiring each new generation in turn. The Beatles have now released a suite of lavishly presented ‘White Album’ packages, including a 180-gram 4LP vinyl set housed in a 2 piece lift off lid box and gatefold sleeves with a 16 page 12”x12” stapled book. The album’s 30 tracks are newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell in stereo"

Michael, thanks for making things clear. If you know the pressing code for Optimal, maybe make this available so we know we're getting a legit pressing.

Thank you!

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I hope UMe corrects all of these incorrect assertions. I have no idea from where they came but there are going to be some unhappy buyers.
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looks like a cut and paste from music direct.

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Esher demo's in high resolution on the blu ray would be a pleasant surprise as the press release on thebeatles.com does only mention this:

- 2018 album mix in high resolution PCM stereo
- 2018 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 album mix
- 2018 Dolby True HD 5.1 album mix
- 2018 direct transfer of the album’s original mono mix

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that they we're on the blu ray. But this is the first I've heard of that. I hope he's right.

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Please, do not neglect to review the new vinyl from Ono's "Warzone". The 85 yo. singer made a record that will touch all the DNA of the 60's, 70's and 80's in your soul.

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But will have to buy the 4 lp set given your endorsement. "Magical" is right up my alley. Saw the Fab Faux do this last year at the Wellmont, superb.

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I don't have any Beatles LP yet. Between these 4 LP set vs 2014 Mono 2 LP set, which one should I get first? I already pre-ordered new 6 CD set by the way.

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FYI it is pronounced EEEEEEE-sher ;-)

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I did smile when I heard that too.... along with his Mary Poppin-Brian Ferry-take. was nice though...

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I had ordered 7 disc box set and 2 LP vinyl. I think we will have different pressings in the UK. Label UMC. So I also just A-B tested by Sgt Pepper CD from box set to 2nd deluxe vinyl. That too sounds better on vinyl which I wasn't aware of. Whether its my system, vinyl or the mastering - I don't know. But I've now ordered the 4LP and cancel the 2LP. Thanks

I regularly pass by the old Hayes EMI plant - its flats and trendy internet stuff now....
Kinfauns Esher is also close to me - but apparently demolished now. Always thought it was an odd choice for a beatle house... Unlike Friar Park which is a proper job..... Jimi Page would have been happy there !

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I got the 4LP set. The accompanying poster shows no such photo on the poster that I can see.

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Staples, no staples... what the hell? Digital gets a hard cover book?

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Mike Fremer knows music. As far his taste goes, very similar to mine.
He may have one bit of trivia incorrect however.

Heretofore, the WA the mono recordings were the focus and are superior.

This is something I read from someone who should know:
Beginning with the WA, due to upgraded gear at EMI & the fact that they recorded at Trident & Abbey Road, the stereo recording was the focus this time round.
When given the choice of mono or stereo lps, they all requested stereo.
Obviously this not 1st person knowledge.

As Mike said, everyone should have the mono mix & the stereo mix.
They're definitely different but not like the previous incarnations.