Newvelle Records Launches Season Four And There's A Discount For AnalogPlanet Readers

The by-subscription Newvelle jazz label just launched season four of its unique original LP series. The vinyl-only 6 LP series consists of original productions, all recorded and mixed at East Side Sound in New York by Marc Urselli with lacquers mastered by Alex DeTurk. Pressing has moved from MPO to Chad Kassem's QRP in Salina, Kansas.

(Notes based on Newville's provided copy): This year Noah Preminger returns to Newvelle on a record that he has been planning for a very long time inspired by the films of his great-uncle Otto Preminger. It features Jason Moran on piano, Kim Cass on bass, and Marcus Gilmore on the drums.

The band Broken Shadows featuring Tim Berne, Chris Speed, Reid Anderson and Dave King tackles the music of Ornette Coleman and some of his contemporaries. The group's live performances get great reviews.

Greg Tardy and Bill Frisell come together for their first duet experience. Greg Tardy was one of the leading lights of the “young lion” scene of the early 1990’s and performed and recorded extensively in the bands of Elvin Jones and Andrew Hill. Bill Frisell needs no introduction. His history with Greg goes way back and they’ve played together for decades through a couple iterations of Bill’s band.

Bronx-based pianst Billy Lester has been quietly building his own unique voice and sound for decades. Largely undiscovered, Newvelle's producers were blown away by his sound and approach to the piano. With a legendary rhythm section of Rufus Reid on bass and Matt Wilson on drums.

Kenny Werner recorded with an all star quartet featuring Dave Liebman, Esperanza Spalding and Terri Lynn Carrington. Kenny is widely regarded as one of the visionary talent on piano as a composer, author and educator. On this record, he is leading a band of uncommon depth and talent.

The cellist Hank Roberts finishes season four with a record of original music featuring pianist Jacob Sacks and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza. Hank recorded ten records for the iconic label Winter and Winter and is featured on Bill Frisell’s Grammy Winning Unspeakable. This trio stretches the boundaries of traditional jazz—they’ve recorded something lyrical, personal and daring.

A Special Offer For AnalogPlanet Readers

The video embedded below is not yet public but AnalogPlanet got permission to present it here so you can see what's coming up this year. From now through November 9th if you type in the promo code ANALOGPLANET on the Newvelle website's order form, receive a 10% discount on the year's box set subscription. If permission is granted we'll soon digitize a track and run it on the site.


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I bought season 1 and found little value in it. The pressings were so bad (extremely noisy) and the recording quality didn't impress me enough to suffer with the background noise.

I also personally didn't like the bland white albums that featured no liner notes.

Anyone subscribe for multiple seasons that can comment on how the series might have evolved?

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I did subscribe to 3 seasons. I did write to them about the pressing quality and some of the LP's were replaced. The replacements were not really any better. I am not subscribing to season 4 because the pressing quality has not improved. It is discouraging because I enjoy the music but at this price point the vinyl quality should be exceptional. One aspect I did not understand, is why they ship the LP's in a stiff paper sleeve and also include an empty antistatic sleeve.

I wonder if any of the artists listen to the actual vinyl LP's.

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Season 4 pressed at QRP in Salina, KS
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Hello, I am Jean-Christophe, co-founder of Newvelle Records. Thank-you for the feedback above, always good to hear from our members which helps us to do better year after year.

Newvelle Records has a unique model of building art by rethinking the relationship with artists (musician, photographers, poets, writers etc...). It is a complex receipe to get to the perfect dish, and we are working very hard to make that happen. After 3 years of operations, with the support of thousands of music lovers and great artists, we are very proud to launch our Season 4.

For this season 4, we decided to test a unique partnership by leveraging Nordost expertise, and use their brand new studio cables that will bring the quality of our recording to the next level: you can check this video: to learn more about this exciting experiment.

Please feel free to contact me directly on if you want to share more with me.

Best regards,

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Hello JC, Based on the comments above I would be hesitant to invest in your experiment. You mention groovy Nordost cables, but that would be a subtle difference compared to better pressings, yes?
Regards, SL

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Hi Mixpro,
The cable experience, in Marc's Urselli words (our sound engineer) is a real benefit. We also believe, as Michael mentioned above that moving to Quality Pressing will help us enrich the experience dramatically.
Best regards from Paris,

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I recently picked up the Season 3 boxed set of Newvelle Records. The music is glorious, but as others have said the pressings are among the noisiest I have ever heard--very disappointing. I'll be keeping my set, but sadly will not likely be picking up later seasons. This is an awesome project they are doing, but the pressings are a fairly major flaw.