Watch John Atkinson Give Michael Fremer the Founder's Award at the L.A. & Orange Co. Audio Society's 25th Annual GALA!

Here's the first in a series of videos Ben Williams produced and edited over the weekend's festivities last November 30th through December 2nd as the L.A. & Orange County Audio Society celebrated its 25th anniversary and presented its Founder's Award to AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer.

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... just watched the complete video - awesome.
Thank you Michael :-)

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Damn I'm getting old. I remember when JA left HiFi News and Record Review.
I also never got into digital, even though I was presented by Marantz Australia with a Modified CD63 for my wedding back in 85.They were good blokes though:)
Vinyl forever.

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Really enjoyed the video and the award was well deserved! Absolutely loved The Tracking Angle and yes it was on sale in Ireland. Did I sense a bit of emotion at one stage during the speeches?!

Watching the video brought back great memories of going to my local hi-fi dealer and being 'enticed' to switch over to the brilliant new medium which was going to wipe out vinyl!

I used to be taunted by fellow customers who called me a dinosaur and told me in no uncertain terms that I had my head stuck in the sand! Unfortunately I couldn't articulate my feelings in the way that you have done over the last 3 decades. I was one of the many who stood in the shadows and cheered you on!


James, Dublin, Ireland

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I never got into digital and to this day I don't even own a CD player. In a strange way by sticking with vinyl, it sent me in a lot of different music directions I probably wouldn't have even contemplated had I switched to CD.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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I particularly enjoyed John Atkinson’s speech especially the part where he commented about Michael’s sensitivity to perceived criticism. Watching Mr.Fremer’s speech and good natured and genial manner, it’s often hard to believe that he possesses this minor quirk, at least in his written responses to readers.

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Wonderful video & love the emotion. Congratulations!!! Well deserved, it was you that made the difference in our vinyl world.

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Looking the front table and crowd, this appears more like an AARP meeting.

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Thank you for bring all the reviews on LP, I just love reading them!

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What I like about being an old geezer, is that I have a good laugh at the people who aren't there yet!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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And might never!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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Fremer says in one of his videos that among his personal gear he has a pair of $18K gold cables. I thought that anyone who is bat sh*t crazy enough to pay that kind of money for something so innocuous, (and not be walking around with a keeper), must have something interesting to say. Well boys and girls, he does and I am hooked.

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Way to go Michael, congratulations to you and your unending effort to keep us informed! Cheers from the Great White north! Dave...