A Special Offer From Anthony Wilson For Analogplanet Readers!

Anthony Wilson is offering AnalogPlanet readers for a limited time a 30% discount on his recent "11/11" album Songs and Photographs.

I've traveled around the country (and world) with a test pressing of this record (I don't want to risk damaging the finished package so I leave it home) and the reaction has been uniformly positive for both the music and sound.

To order, visit this page on Mr. Wilson's Bandcamp site and use code "springsale2019". Based on his cost to manufacture, this is close to a "break even" price. Consider it a gift not to be refused!

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Jeremiah 11:11:

"Therefore, thus says the LORD, Behold, I am bringing disaster upon them that they cannot escape. Though they cry to me, I will not listen to them".

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I think Wilson is a great musician and would have considered purchasing the LP alone. But I’m not interested in the photography. And even at the discounted rate of $60, this seems expensive. The fact that it is close to the “break even” price does not tempt me. I realize the photos were meant to complement the disc, but let’s face it: how many of us are inclined to pay $30 extra for some photos no matter how beautifully presented? And the original price was $89! Sorry, if this was selling that well, it’s unlikely the price would have been reduced 30%.

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i have been to see anthony a few times now, the first of which was at the jazz bakery years ago. anthony was late but peter bernstein was his playing mate and he started on time. it seemed like a practice session gone wrong. i saw him again recently at the moss theater and the performance was very good. i bought the LP.

his interplay with diana krall on the DVDs has been inspiring so those are all a safe buy.

i too don't need a book for the additional $30. if you pay to see a performance, and buy a $30 record, i think that's enough.


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This is part of the analog problem is that it takes too much work in manufacturing and pristine vinyl to make analog sound its best. Generally I am out on any vinyl that is over $25 to $30 as 2496 digital is as good if not better, if mastered right. Save the booklets and photos for computer access as I have 32" and 40" monitors on all my computers so I can really see. The music needs to stand alone and be presented in a fiscally responsible way....meaning affordable.

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"The music needs to stand alone and be presented in a fiscally responsible way....meaning affordable."


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Though I agree that there's danger in making lp's too expensive, with all kind of things that have nothing to do with good analog sound, artistic embellishments or even a meaningful interplay between image and songs is something to be cherished, and yes, if musician do not get payed enough for their labor, we will be in the hands of the hits industry. And the physical representation of the vinyl album has just got more artistic value to me, and the streaming of music is damaging the artistic concept of the album. People cannot concentrate on a concept anymore if they run from one song to another without any connection, and streaming does not fill the purse of the artist enough to make a living!

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You can tell how well it is recorded too, especially the clarity of the bass notes, drums is superb.
As for the music...I am no jazz fiend but a friend of mine said it sounds like "Swedish jazz" and I think I know what he means.

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If you keep on only listening to music when its free or cheap, you won't have many good musicians to listen to. I don't mind spending good money on quality vinyl anytime.

I understand being frugal but Walmart economics applied to the music world will end creating the crap that the major labels grind out.

I hope buying this LP helps this musician to keep on producing quality output. I will keep on spending money on quality vinyl until I die.


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if music is all dollars and cents maybe you need a new hobby.

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I wish all music was recorded at 24/192 as a minimum and released as a download as I have USB DACs on all my computers that can play back those files. This would be done today if the sound quality and musical performance really mattered.

I can appreciate that liner art does matter to many, but this can be supplied for download as well today. In this case a marketing choice was made, for better or worse, and many are not willing to spend $60 or more for their music, but those that will are welcome to do so and I am happy for them. Anthony is a great player.

I just think that once you cross the $25 or $30 price barrier you are making marketing choices that may not work in quantity. I always believe a 2nd run of pressings is preferable to inventory left unsold.

In my own studio I am finding that even the recordings that I make at 24/192 and reduced down to redbook in Sony SoundForge sound better than the redbook only recordings I make for comparison. Even though I have a Math Degree I do nut fully understand why this is, but I trust my ears on this one. I love it when clients take the 2496 versions for their tracks I burn for them on DVD+Rs and can hear the difference as well.
There is no reason that music could not be released on DVD-Vs or DVD-As, depending upon the player, in 2496 as most DVD players will play DVD-V's now. Even my old Sony DVP-NS 755's do and my Old Yamaha S-1800 plays DVD-As and they sound great. I cannot believe that the manufacturing costs would be much different. I prefer physical media when available. I do expect to pay more for HD Tracks, BlueCoast, or SoundKeeper Recordings in High Rez.

I still have two tt's spinning, so it is not a snobbish position I take.

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While I don't want to come off as confrontational, I just gotta say I don't consider listening to music a hobby. It's at least as important to me as are breathing and eating (okay, and as having sex ;-).

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The comments here surprise me. I dare say that most subscribers here would not hesitate to drop a thousand dollars on a piece of wire to connect 2 components... but god help us if an artist dares asks for $60 for his creative output.... why are you even into hifi if it's not to listen to music? Sell your audio gear and buy train sets.

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I received this package. It is very well put together and certainly worth the entrance fee. The cover material is the same as the Rachel's LP's, a fibrous paper that is screen printed. Very tactile and beautiful to hold. The book is bound nicely in the same paper and smartly the outer cover lays flat instead of bending with the page. An excellent touch. The music is exception and the sound equally so. Thanks for the recommendation.