Innovative Launches in New York City Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX

Unless you are official press, you are not invited to the XVX noon press preview lunch Friday January 17th, but feel free to reserve a seat during one of the hourly "Happy Hour Listening Sessions" from 4PM through 8PM at Innovative Audio by rsvp-ing before limited space is all booked. The website says better check with Innovative!

It should be a fun event with great music and sound.

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You will have to let us know how it was. I have listened fairly extensively to the full size Chrinosonic’s while they were at Audio Advisors in WPB. I heard from Rudy that you said these may actually do some things better. They are both already better than my aging ears. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want them if my music room would support the weight.

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are amazing....
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I am seriously considering purchasing these XVX with Burmester 909 monos and a Burmester 077 Preamp. Crazy crazy expensive. But I will die with money in the bank and I say F*&( it... I'd rather listen to incredible music than watch an account grow in value that I'll never touch. That's my rationale for the spend.

Now that I have that out of the way, I haven't heard a tenth of what you have Mr. Fremer. I did hear these for an afternoon in Phoenix, and I was blown away.

Since you've heard these, what do you think of this combo amps and XVX and value?

Spew some wisdom on me.... :)

Thanks . Rocco

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I have done the calculations and if I work hard until I am 160 years old, I can get them, not accounting for inflation.

Anyway, that doesn't mean I eschew chances to listen! I love going to shows, open houses, and acquaintances' or acquaintances of acquaintances' houses to hear things and would spew this at you:

Check out the gigantic MBL Extreme speakers and these Wilsons.

I think the Wilsons win on macro-dynamics and quality of bass. The bass is more taut than with the MBL speakers and I honestly think the Wilsons win the "imaging between the speakers" battle!

The MBL's win for the general sonic envelope in the room, speed, micro-dynamics, and having a more forgiving sweet zone.

If you have the wherewithal I am with you - spend it and have joy!

Oh...I think the Wilsons are actually more accommodating of different amplifiers, of all things!

I have a friend with Alexx/Allexxia/Weird-Al...something Wilson models and he drives them with a rather affordable Ayre amplifier!

I am happy for you being able to do this...and jealous, you bastard! ;-D

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... MK6 version of the Burmester 909 amp.

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... starting at 5:30PM.