qobuz Offers Free Hi-Res Downloads During Coronavirus Confinement

Hi-res streaming service qobuz just announced a now through May 15th offer of 21 CD resolution and hi-res titles you can download free. The music includes classical, jazz and "world".

I use Qobuz and other streaming services as a "virtual listening booth" to make vinyl purchases, as an invaluable reviewing tool (I create playlists, play through them then change a component) and of course to listen for pleasure. These titles are qobuz's way of sharing during hard times.

When I used to travel a lot, as a qobuz subscriber, it was easy to choose and download to my hi-res A & Ultima player any music I wanted to listen to on the airplane. That was a really great way to hear new music. Hopefully those days will return!

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This may be the best $15 a month I will ever spend. It sound good, but the high rez files are great. You can't even buy an lp anymore for that.

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but "you can't even buy an LP anymore for $15" isn't true. this one retails for $15: https://www.musicdirect.com/vinyl/Kids-See-Ghosts-Kids-See-Ghosts-%28Vin...

so $15 records still exist here and there. also got "in the aeroplane over the sea" for $17 today. records under $20 never went away, they're just less frequent.

still, i agree that qobuz streams sound amazing.

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10 or 12 tracks that may or may not be everyone's cup of tea, and I have thousands of albums and tracks at my disposal. My Ryzen gaming computer with a huge power supply and nearly 2TB of HD space and my operating system is booted off a SD drive. I have an MIT power cord out of my desktop into a filtered power outlet than when recording I have a -80 db noise floor. Try that with vinyl. My files from Qobuz through my Focusrite Scarlett sound great and can deal with 24/192. I am about to order today the Ifi usb filter for the usb into my Focusrite and see if that $129 makes things even better. I have two TTs and listen to plenty of vinyl, but I am a realist about what vinyl brings and unless you have a great cart and phono stage you are not hearing even what native 2496 brings to the table. IMHO.

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i got noël mcghie and space spies' "trapeze," solid 70s funk/soul jazz. sound quality is great. this record is just waiting to be sampled if it hasn't been already.

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in WMA format ?
Wake up Qobuz, 1998 left the room long ago.