"All-Star" Live "Kind of Blue"/UHQR Panel Discussion Saturday, May 8th Noon CST!

Join Acoustic Sounds' "All Star" live panel discussion Saturday May 8th at 12:00PM CST (Central Standard Time, 1:00PM EST, 10:00AM PT) with Acoustic Sounds/Analogue Productions/QRP's Chad Kassem, Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman, Classic Records founder Mike Hobson, 45 RPM Audiophile's Michael Ludwigs, QRP Plating Wizard and Finebuilt press operator Gary Salstrom and AnalogPlanet Editor Michael Fremer when we discuss "all things Kind of Blue and UHQR followed by a Q&A.

This latest and surely the final Kind of Blue and ultimate vinyl edition (until the next one) promises to be an authentic winner. I have to say "promises" because even though I already have it, I can't yet write about it. In all seriousness, this set is pressed from the 1995 metal parts stored under ideal conditions, which was sourced from the tapes still in excellent condition. That's no longer the case, so there never again will be a direct from the 3 track masters edition. This is it.

During this discussion you'll hear from Hobson who licensed the tapes from Columbia/Sony back in 1995 when "no one" was interested in vinyl and from Bernie Grundman who received the actual 3 track master tapes from Columbia/Sony and mixed "live to lacquer" from the 3-track tape, eliminating the usual 3:2 mixdown.

You'll hear from Gary Salstrom who hand pressed or will hand press all or at least most of the limited to 25,000 units UHQR records. Michael Ludwigs and I will weigh in on our KOB experiences. It should be an enjoyable however long it lasts so please tune in. Hopefully this discussion will answer all of your questions and correct the many misconceptions about this release popping up on the "Internets" like so many adolescent zits.

It promises to be an authoritative, lively, and enjoyable however long it lasts time so please tune into the Acoustic Sounds YouTube channel or on the Acoustic Sounds Feces Book page. "See you" then! And if not, "So What"?

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I am going to endeavor to attend!

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Michael, Another great informative show for music education (learn everyday) the SRA rake angle show was excellent as i'm sure this one will be. The question is, are the other so called metal parts that Classic manufactured back in the day from the original tapes still available to produce lacquers and then stampers? I know there's much more involved being able to use them for new releases, but is that how this new KOB is being produced?

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Metal parts can't produce lacquers. The Classic metal parts (father and mothers) can produce stampers and that's what matters. And these metal parts when well cared for do not deteriorate.
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I kinda know that, but was trying to include every process step and confused myself. Great symposium today, but as with that many knowledgeable hosts without a specified format sometimes can go off topic, you tried to keep it on. What better to do on a Saturday only 2nd to listening to vinyl music! The great news here is maybe those excellent Classic Records Metal parts can be used for possible future releases? Only Chad can answer that, but we know not to go there! Ha Ha "buy now or cry later" Thank You.

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Hi Michael, i wonder if it's worth clarifying the dates and versions of the recent KOB reissues, especially what tapes they really used on the Mofi.

1) The UHQR is coming from Bernie's Classic 33 cut, but this has been claimed to be from 1995, that's what is on the Acoustic Sounds description of the UHQR. But yesterday Hobson said it was mastered in Jan 1997, and Gary S has the Mother dated Jan 31, 1997.

2) what tape is the Mofi 2x45 really from? Your review of that LP has various edits. There is a YouTube video of Steve Berkowitz showing Mark Wilder did a transfer the 3 track master to a 2 channel analog mix down in Feb 2013. That's a second transfer since Mark did a stereo mix in 1997. Your review of the Mofi KOB claims/assumes it's from the 1997 tape, do you know this for fact? It could be from the 2013 transfer.

3) it seems at some point there was confusion between references to source of the 2009 reissue, with this 2013 transfer. that may have be the source of the confusion in your Mofi KOB review. cheers

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Better correct that one! Maybe Facebook? Or is that what you think of Facebook?

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No, it means they know their “sh¡t.” Sort of.

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this other Michael‘s questions, slowness, tone and accent are too hard to undergo even for a non native English speaking person, I have to pass. Have fun in this marketing session guys! But I like what Chad does for quality releases! I personally wouldn’t need so much money put in the packaging (box at all), but as the original Michael always says, “that’s just me”.

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“Marketing session”? Pfff... Don’t you have anything better to do than slag someone like Michael Ludwigs? I doubt you’ll be missed, but “that’s just me” and my opinion.

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he’s for sure a nice guy and I was too direct with my disbelieving impression of some things happening online and as you expressed your deep appreciation for Michael a few posts further down, I’m sorry if I offended you with this.

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It's going to be a great session, hopefully I can tune in. I've been a long time Fremer follower & have been watching Michael's video's from Dusseldorf for about a year (those shelf in the background have filled fast). Both always very informative & a different but great sense of humour. For anyone who hasn't seen them I very much recommend Michael's 45rpm Audiophile channel on You tube.

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and looking forward to playing it.
Though seriously, how many copies of Kind of Blue make sense...
To go with a couple of originals, both mono and stereo, mono RSD issue, two Classic records presses, one Classic records test press, the MoFi 45 rpm and I think I've missed one or two...

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Discogs shows 426 versions of KOB.

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I’m looking extremely forward to this discussion. What a cast! I’m so glad that Michael (45 RPM Audiophile on YouTube) is going to be a part of it. He’s got a great channel and is a very friendly and great guy. Wonderful to see him getting the recognition he deserves. Can’t wait until tomorrow. :)

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Who is this Michael Ludwig? His videos have like only 4000 views and now is is all over the scene? Why? He seems to have a lot of money to buy records and equipment, apart from that I do not see a talent or a huge knowledge about music in general.

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I ensured hiwattnick and andy1974 are not his parents, so there are serious fans and promoters.

But everyone pushing good vinyl is good generally!

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haha...yes that kind of emotionality did irritate me as well...

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I think others VC youtubers like BarakaPDub or poetryonplastic would have been better participants. 45 RPM Audiophile has a lot of money to buy records and is an excellent customer. Maybe that had more influence.

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His main interest is audiophile reissues and he's not given to extreme nonsense. He's into quality and isn't shy about it.

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Did anybody notice at the 53:00 mark that Bernie actually hears differences in "wires?"

That's gotta piss people off. ;-D

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But it was nice to get some support from an industry giant that all studio types only use basic cable.

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of cable sound it does not piss me off in the least that he or anyone else believes they hear differences between cables without bias controls in place. That doesn't make himan less a mastering engineer.

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Always wanted to get this vinyl but unsure which? So finally pulled the trigger on this. It’ll be worth it, no doubt.