"Vinyl Y'Alta": Chad Kassem Chats with Jack Stoughton and Don MacInnis— Moderated by Michael Fremer

Acoustic Sounds' Chad Kassem recently hosted in Salina, Kansas an event I labeled "Y'Alta" that featured Stoughton Press's Jack Stoughton and RTI's Don MacInnis for a wide-ranging discussion about the state of the vinyl record industry in 2021. Kassem asked me to moderate from home and I gladly obliged.

Supply chain disruptions, raw materials cost increases combined with the continued increasing demand for vinyl records has produced many issues for everyone involved. In this video you will learn about the problems faced by these industry leaders and what they are doing about them.


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but Chad rules, starting with a new level of sound quality and providing the best sounding releases of gorgeous music since decades, really caring and dedicated for vinyl and an authentic personality, thanks for your continuous great work and being you!

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It has nothing to do with an international summit. It is only from the US. They represent the quality of US press editions. It is remarkable that they knew the vinyl record industry for the three decades of the last century, the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
The Question would be why the quality controls were lowered so that the compressed digital format could enter as an alternative to analog sound.

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This may have been recorded a while back, however, I'd be curious to hear their opinions on selling Lacquers at a premium.

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This was really informative, and I made it through the whole thing. I'm looking forward to the upcoming surprises in 2022. I have no problem at all with Quality farming-out some of the work to RTI. Chad beat around that bush for quite a while before finally giving it up. Hell, I will relocate to Salina to help. My wife might not like it, though.