Amazing Sophia Pfister Update

The response to the Sophia Pfister story and YouTube video has been incredible.

We posted the video and audio track so you could hear her self-produced demo EP and decide if it was worthy of purchase—not inexpensive, either to produce or purchase.

The worldwide response was beyond what had been expected: Sophia told me she received orders from around the world and has sold one hundred copies at $30 each. She has around forty copies remaining.

In the big picture one hundred copies is not a lot, but under the circumstances it is. In an email Sophia wrote: "for me the coolest part is how they're going all over the world and the feedback.​"

Most gratifying though, was the response from buyers after receiving and playing the record. She got many photos like the one above.

Next month she says she'll begin performing live around the L.A. area. Below, Sophia happily addresses record boxes.

Lazer's picture

Without you, I would have never discovered this young talent. I bought this EP because of you. I have listened to it now at least a dozen times. I love it, her voice is sultry and musical, her songwriting is personal and unique.

Kirby's picture

Ordered, Thanks again!

Ptruce's picture


Pretty nice production values, clear, simple lines, interesting voice - hope to hear more from Ms. Pfizer.

But wish it had less surface noise. Guessing it was pressed hot, would have been nice if she could had QRP done it.

Really glad you publicized this one - Thanks.

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...on her website that she has sold out of the vinyl. Good for her!

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Please press some more vinyl.
I'll buy several. One for myself, and some as gifts!

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I just received my copy yesterday and listened last night. I noticed that the album had what looked like sleeve residue on it, little flecks of paper and dust. I cleaned that off and ran it through my VPI cleaner and found that there was really no surface noise at all. Beautiful pressing, maybe I got lucky but I want to thank Michael for recommending this EP.

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Thank you Sophia!

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Way to go Mikey, getting her on here, wouldn't learn of her otherwise!
Terrific voice, bet there's good stuff to come!