Analogplanet Editor Off to Manila Today!

I leave today for Manila, The Philippines to do a turntable set-up seminar at a HiFi Show November 9th and 10th. The seminar is "sold out" and I'm really looking forward to showing what I know about this to the 70 or so analog enthusiasts who have signed up.

I will try to post show news as I can.

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be prepared for a little rain and a lot of traffic.  will try and get in to your seminar -didn't know about the sign up.  But I wouldn't want to bump any of the locals.  Note if you like beer, look for the "local" San Miguel.  Better than the export version.  You won't find it in the hotel, but your hosts will have it - short bottle painted label.




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I am prepared for whatever.... just landed here, three hour layover and then flight to Manila.

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by now you are probably reading about super typhoon Yolanda - predicted wind strength of 240kph  or pretty windy.

 Very low chance of it impacting Manila.

Note that this is their 24th named storm of the year ...



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I wouldnt dare!

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Bring back some folders!!

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if past Manila HiFi shows are anything to go by, you are in for a very interesting time!

Check out the local DIYers!


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be careful we want you to come back!

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be careful we want you to come back!

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Weather in Manilla could become quite dreadfull in the next 24hrs or so with a catagory 5 Typhoon heading directly at the Philippines.