Analogplanet at Munich High End Show Part 2

Here is the second part of our Munich High End 2013 GoPro coverage.

The photo is in the huge Silbatone room where they chose to demo with this enormous vintage stadium sized speaker system.

Can you imagine how much it must have cost to ship those from Korea? Why would someone go to all of that expense?

The answer is that he can.

The gentleman who put up the money and who hosted the room spinning vinyl nearly nonstop for four days is a fanatical audiophile and collector who probably has the world's largest collection of vintage Western Electric and Altec-Lansing Voice of the Theater loudspeakers. He's also the son of a wealthy Korean industrialist.

I was also told that dad is not exactly thrilled with the son's endeavors in this regard. But this is all hearsay.

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Love being able to experience the event vicariously. I know you must have felt a bit geeky doing it ( maybe Google Glass will eventually make it less so ). A wonderful show as usual, thanks for all the reports.

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Analog Porn!

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The head of Silbatone is a guy named MJ Chung.

I wonder if he's related to the MJ Chung who is the head of Hyundai and one of the richest men in S. Korea?