Pyon Sound Ultima Turntable and Iris Reference Tone Arm From Korea

Here's one that's not brand new but I've never before seen it. The Pyon Ultima turntable weighs in at 170 pounds. The 60 pound platter is part chrome plated cast iron, part Tank wood, and part acrylic fitted with ceramic packets. Price is circa $20,000

The Iris Reference tone arm is a magnetically stabilized uni-pivot (ala Graham) featuring a Tank wood (also known as Panzerholz) arm tube and plated brass head shell. Price is $5500.

The cartridge mounted to the arm is a the new Stein Aventurin 6. I have one here for review but it's not yet installed. I did install and try a previous iteration that uses the same Benz LP motor but the the boxy body made it so difficult to align I felt it was not a practical product.

That said, the sonic differences between the mellow LP and the Aventurin 6 were enormous. This cartridge rocked. The new one looks much easier to deal with. I hope it sounds at least as good. Review upcoming.

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