PrimaryControl Tonearm Has a Wooden Arm Tube And Unique Bearing Design

The Primary Control is a stylish tone arm featuring a wooden arm tube and head shell. The bearing system is unique. Although it features a one point sapphire bearing, which would make it a unipivot, However, there's a second, horizontal bearing located on a lower plane that features a polished thrust area and a "relatively long" threaded shaft, all of which is said to create gimbaled bearing-type stability but have some advantages over both uni-pivot and gimbaled bearing type tonearms.

The arm also features on the fly VTA adjustability, repeatable azimuth adjustment, non-linear magnetic anti-skating and adjustable arm/cartridge damping via changing the skew of the counterweight. An interesting and unique tonearm concept. Priced at around $7000 depending upon wood and cosmetics.

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Interesting... the bearing housing is offset but the headshell is not, does this headshell use a detachable offset insert of some sort? nice looking arm.