Analogplanet Tours Record Industry, Europe's Largest Record Pressing Plant

After visiting the U.K. following Munich's High End show, I flew to Amsterdam. Record Industry pressing plant owner Ton Vermeulen picked me up at the airport and drove me to the Haarlem-based pressing plant he owns.

That that afternoon and the next morning I toured the "one stop" plant that does everything from jacket and label printing and assembly as well as disc mastering from either analog tape or digital files to lacquer or DMM lathes, plating and of course pressing.

The plant has 32 presses in operation including two 7" single producing Alpha Toolex presses and 30 German made TTT presses. Because of the plant's vertical integration, also having a record label makes sense, so Mr. Vermeulen is also part owner of the label Music On Vinyl, which has its offices in the plant.

I really enjoyed the tour and am happy to be able to share a condensed version with you here.

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...did you get a free biscuit?

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Very nice walk-through for what is anything other than a simple process. So glad vinyl is back in a big way. 

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Hi, Mickey. Enlightening to say the least. I think you need to adjust the angle of your GoPro camera, a little downward.

A question: any differences between the process in this plant and others in the states?

For better or worse?

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The physical plant is very impressive.  Efficiency and  quality control look to be very high.  If my experience with Music On Vinyl is any indication, what I just saw makes sense.  I have purchased maybe 6 of their titles and without exception they are flat and centered and quiet, clean and pristine looking.  But, I have learned  not be tempted by their popular titles and nice pressings, because they have all sounded somewhat flat and uninvolving to me.   Their sensibilities are high quality mainstream , and obviously, they don't need my money.  They have a business model that works.  It's just disappointing to see that if they had any inkling to source and produce a great sounding record, they could do without too much more effort, and still charge $34.00. Somehow its got to be more than just a  problem with digits per se.  So short of a exceptional review I don't go there.  Unless I had a chance to walk around the place and ask a lot of questions.

It is fascinating to see these facilities and meet the people involved.  The head Cam is a great idea despite the smudged lens and views of the ceiling.  I'm sure these visits would be much more unwieldy and formalized with even  a handheld.  Thanks for sharing.

P.S.  always keep a micro cloth and small dropper of lens cleaner with you on your outings.

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Great tour video.

Like Biggrasshopper, I'm not a big fan of the MOV releases but there's no disputing the quality of their operation and the physical excellence of the product.



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I see during the printing of the jackets they were doing Govt Mules' Life Before Insanity.  That is coming out on Music On Vinyl. I guess they (Record Industry) does most of the pressing for MOV?

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I have found them good for more recent titles that were likely recorded digital. Also pressings from externally cut lacquers such as Bob Dylan Monos are fine sounding. I'm sure the in house cutting chain digifies everything. However I have heard Back to Black titles produced at GZ from digital files that have more life and analogue like sound than the MOV/Record Industry product.

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That video was very interesting. They run quite a large operation there and it seems to be thriving as well. I was glad to see how busy it was around there. Long live vinyl......

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great! so thats how CDs are made!!! the video took me to some kind of like an informational tour.
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Salut, Mickey. Éclairant pour dire le moins. Je pense que vous avez besoin d'ajuster l'angle de votre caméra GoPro, un peu à la baisse.

Une question: les différences entre le processus de cette plante et d'autres dans les Etats?

Pour le meilleur ou pour le pire?


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An amazing tour!, is such a good thing see how everything works behind a vinyl pressing. Its like fresh air for music shops like us see this huge plant working on. We work with Music On Vinyl. All the best from Barcelona and like somebody said ... long live vinyl