AnalogPlanet Visits Turntable Manufacturer Acoustic Signature

AnalogPlanet visits German turntable manufacturer Acoustic Signature in the company's modern factory located in Süssen just outside of Stuttgart. The vertically integrated company—Germany's second largest turntable manufacturer— owns its own factory, in which you'll see state of the art CNC machinery, "Teutonic" organization and extreme manufacturing and assembling efficiency.

After you watch, you'll understand how the company, which sells high performance turntables, tone arms and phono preamplifiers in approximately 30 countries, manufactures almost a dozen different turntable models priced from approximately $1000 to $130,000 and multiple tone arm models in 9", 10" and 12" editions, all designed and manufactured "in-house".

The company's 25 employees all get company cars, with all associated costs covered. While the owner is a generous man who wishes to take good care of his workers, he's in part motivated by area competition for skilled machinists who are in heavy demand in and around Stuttgart, one of Germany's most important automobile manufacturing centers.

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I have always admired Acoustic signature tables. I have wanted one and still don't have one though. I love how they have a full range of offerings.
I have just always liked the lines of the AS tables and each one from the lowest on up seems well made as if the same quality is applied through the line up.
I'd take a Primus or Maximus any day of the week. Right now though I have 3 well working vintage direct drive tables, two from the early 70s built like brick chicken houses and one from the late 80s (Denon DP47f)that was NOS when I got it and won't give up on me any time soon and I have little need to change any of them out at this time. If one goes south on me someday though, Acoustic Signature is number one on my short list.

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Thank you so much Michael.
I am going to throw my turntable away

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Don't do that!
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Your demo videos are the best. I love seeing how things are made and this only proves how great the Germans are at quality engineering. Beautiful products.

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It truly shows that AS and the staff are committed to producing a superb quality product. Kudos to them all.

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Thanks for the wonderful videos, Michael! Most customers have no idea what it takes to manufacture a product with such precision. The video underscores the value of these products and those made by other artisans in the world of audio.

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Pretty neat how they use Legos, I wonder how many other manufacturers use them?

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Almost sprung for a Fat Bob or something similar back in the 90's but took the SOTA plunge.

Typical German precision and must be one hell of a deck.

On a side note I wish American drivers had to drive in Germany for a few years to learn Lane discipline.

Congratulations to anyone scoring one

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Michael, what a fine visit to the factory . I now see where my WOWXXL was made. When I was shopping for tables here in the US and had questions I emailed Gunther Frohnhoefer. He was quick to answer my questions. I was so impressed with the engineering I choose another fine German company for my phono pre - Lehman Black Cube ii . Thanks for the Video Michael .'s picture

When people ask why are high end audio components so expensive all they need to do is watch this video. Easy to see why turntables like Acoustic Signature are worth every penny of the asking price.

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... precision machining and manufacturing, then why are the tonearm bearings sourced from a supplier in Japan?

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because one can't do everything. Logistics, costs, manufacturing abilities, etc.
Eventually everyone sources something outside. Even PS Audio sources things from China. "Made in (insert country here) is more illusion than fact. Manufactures can just assemble product in said country, but source from anywhere and still call it "made in....."
It's just the way of world, not a big deal.

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I grew up in the same town in Germany as Guenther Frohnhoefer. I knew of him because he was older than I. It is great to see how he has built Acoustic Signature into a brand of international reputation and how he represents everything that we associate with "German engineering." Although I have Thorens and Linn turntables, I am now very curious about listening to an Acoustic Signature table. Thanks, Michael, for this video.