Visits VPI Industries Part 2

In Part 2 of our VPI Industries factory tour we see, among other things, the inner workings of VPI's radical new direct drive motor and we learn of Classic and Traveler turntable running production changes and something new on the VPI horizon. Harry Weisfeld extols the virtues of reel to reel tape and I defend vinyl.

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Great stuff but I was getting motion sickness watching the video.  Take the camera off your head and use a small Joby flexible tripod.

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what charliex said.

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and enjoy......loved the tour, thanks MF.  

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I just wish I could afford the Classic 1.  

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Great tour. So what does the "60 cycle generator" circuit board do for the traveler?

Is it supposed to make the speed more accurate?



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The motor is A.C. sychronous. Therefore it "locks" onto the A.C.'s 60Hz frequency. But what comes in from the wall isn't always pure 60Hz. so the quartz generator produces a pure 60Hz tone that the motor locks to.... VPI's SDS outboard controller is adjustable so if you set it to 50Hz, the motor runs slower, etc. So it's infinitely adjustable.... what's built into the Traveler is pure 60Hz.

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I am not making this up-I was watching fervently to the first episode and then suddenly, while at work, began to feel nausious and thought I was going to throw up all over my desk. Your quips are good, your head-held videography is atrocious. I suggest a clam shell neck brace like they use for spinal fractures (I would suggest the even-more invasive Halo Brace but you would likely balk at the piercing of your forehead/cranium).

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I have to say that I enjoy Mr. Fremer's videos. A bit of shakiness is to be expected, as the camera is attached to a moving head. The suggestions by some to use a tripod completely defeats the purpose of the "headheld" camera--live, interactive, fluid captures of events from a first person perspective.

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If I may make a suggestion:

Please take a little more time talking about, and even zooming in with the camera on the products themselves. It would've been very nice to get a closer look at the improvements to the turntables that Mr. Weisfeld mentioned, e.g,, the improved grub screw, the expensive motor housing, and the groundbreaking motor.

I (and I'm sure others) would've loved a more detailed explanation from the motor designer himself, who seemed quite willing and happy to talk about his design (as he should be, with a patented, revolutionary engineering feat).

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...about those changes in the Traveler and the details on the direct drive.  Can't wait to hear your impressions of them in a review or update.