Audio Salon Event Tomorrow You Don't Want to Miss!

It's short notice, but The Audio Salon's Maier Shadi works quickly when there's an opportunity to be seized and an exciting in-store event to be held.

In this case, Lyra's Jonathan Carr and Stig Bjorge were in California for a short stay post C.E.S. and they and Shadi paid a visit to PBN Audio's Peter Noerbaek (see photo of Carr, Bjorge and Shadi with one of Noerbaek's stunning rebuilt Denon direct drive turntables, here fitted with an SAT arm).

With the cartridge duo in town for a few days, Shadi asked if they'd like to appear at a store event on Saturday and they said "yes". All that was left to do was get another good guest to join the cartridge makers and who better than legendary mastering engineer Bernie Grundman, who will also appear at the Saturday afternoon 4:00PM-7:00PM event at The Audio Salon in Santa Monica California.

So if you live in the area, call now because space is limited. Were I in SoCA this weekend that's where I'd be!

tolkencatholic's picture

Just finished reserving a spot for the event! Pretty excited about the panel :)

Wimbo's picture

I wonder what the Noise floor would be like?

Muso's picture

I missed it. I bought my Luxman integrated amp from Maier at Audio Salon. Very pleasant experience. Great amp, too! (L507uX)