Audio-Technica Limited-Edition AT-LP2022 Turntable

Audio-Technica has been duly celebrating their 60th anniversary for the balance of the past year, and we would be remiss if we let another week go by without highlighting one of the fine limited-edition products they’ve introduced in celebration of that milestone — namely, the AT-LP2022 turntable that sports quite the striking transparent clear-acrylic chassis.


This fully manual belt-drive turntable features a limited-edition Shibata stylus and carbon-fiber tonearm, and it also comes equipped with a lightweight AT-HS4SV headshell and 30mm high-density clear acrylic chassis that features the sensor-monitor motor. Playback speeds are adjustable for 33⅓ and 45rpm.


Besides all that, the AT-LP2022 is designed with high-isolation height-adjustable feet to keep the turntable stabilized. The clear-body Shibata stylus is easily interchangeable with the 0.3 x 0.7mil elliptical stylus that comes installed on the included AT-VM95EBK black cartridge. This cartridge is also compatible with any VM95 series replacement stylus. The adjustable vertical tracking angle and dynamic anti-skate control enables the turntable to be used with cartridges of various heights and weights.


The AT-LP2022 also features dual RCA (male) to dual RCA (male) stereo cable, a 45rpm adapter, and a removable hinged dust cover. The SRP for the AT-LP2022 is $1,200.

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Features & Specs
Wow & Flutter: <0.15% WRMS (33rpm) at 3kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >60dB
Power supply: 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A max
Power consumption: 1.8W
AC adapter: 12V, 1.0A
Effective tonearm length: 223.6mm
Overhang: 18.6mm
Tracking error angle: <2.0°
Stylus pressure adjustment range: 0-3.0g
Applicable cartridge weight: 11.5 to 16.5g (including headshell)
Dimensions (w/h/d): 420 x 135 x 340mm (17 x 5.3 x 13in)
Weight: 8kg (18lbs)


Anton D's picture

I’d like to hear it play something on Clarity vinyl!

Peter Music's picture

Yes, beautiful! If I were looking for something in that price range, it would have to be on the list

volvic's picture

A poor man’s Vertere, but unlike the Touraj-made Vetere tables for $1,200, you can adjust the playback speeds on the Audio Technica. To do that on a Vertere requires you to dish out over $12,000 for their Imperium Motor Drive. Of course, other factors make the Vetere a superior table, but that bit of information jumped out at me as I admired the look of the new AT turntable.

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I received mine and playing daily for 2 months now. I ordered it just because I strongly believe the clear acrylic is great material for the turntable, but Vertere and Clearaudio Master Reference are too expensive. It completely exceed all my expectation from the unboxing moment. The build quality is hard to believe for the price. The included MM cartridge was good, but it was better with the included special edition needle. Now I have mine fitted with AT-ART9XI cartridge and mated with iFi Zen phono. Both the turntable and the phono fully do the justice for $1,500 cartridge. I think it's about the limit for Zen phono, but I think the turntable can do even better cartridges.

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Thanks for your take on this, as well!


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How cool would it be to assemble a system including this, dnm amplification and Crystal Cable speakers? No idea whether it would all work together but you could impress your guests without actually playing a record.

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by the Flamin' Groovies on clear vinyl. Great album! Their guitarist Cyril Jordan always plays a cool Ampeg Dan Armstrong Lucite guitar...

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I kinda hope this thread never stops.

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I'm kinda partial to spinning Secret Machines' 2LP clear-vinyl version of Now Here Is Nowhere myself...
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Despite its lowly $1,200 price tag, it got the minor detail right:
'REMOVBALE hinged dust cover".

The dust cover there, like many lowly priced TTs, is a blessing against dust & home pet while not spinning.

But when it spins, the dust cover MUST be removed from the TT in order to eliminate any vibration feedback from the dust cover to the tracking cartridge. Smart & thoughtful design !


barfle's picture

Does that mean it will play CD-4 LPs?