Audio Video Show 2018 Warsaw Poland Day 1

Warsaw, Poland's Audio Video Show has grown almost exponentially over the past 20 or so years. Today it's Europe's second biggest show (after Munich) and this year it expects to attract over 15,000 visitors in three venues: the Radisson Sobieski, the Golden Tulip and the skyboxes at the enormous Stadion Narodowy.

The enormity of the stadium plus poor signage led to first day frustration with AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer wasting more than an hour once at the stadium, first trying to find the entrance (!) and then the press room to pick up his badge.

There's no time to waste given the size of the show. This video is a "walk through" of the stadium rooms (most but not all) as well as the Jean Michel Jarre album premier over which the international pop star presided.

A new and improved camera had some lighting issues (operator error) but the next installment will look much better!

The top image is of a new made in Poland J. Sikora tonearm made of Kevlar. More about that in a future video

The video thumbnail image is of a skybox room where these young people enjoyed opera on a pair of Wilson Audio Specialties' new SashaDAWs. These produced the best sound I heard in the skyboxes.

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The young people at the show, Hong Kong too, have been characterized for years now as shunning tangeable media and audio components that won’t fit into your pocket. Really?

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at the show, loved the one guy at the cd's and all the rest was at the vinyl, lol. thanks for taking all your time on doing this, loved watching these videos!

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I know your frustration Michael. I went to the Stadium last day on Sunday where the weather was awful and had the same problem to find the entrance! That is in fact some issue and I hope overall you enjoyed the show and stay in my country ;-) There were lots of good sounding rooms IMHO and lots of analog sources and even tube electronics. I personally enjoyed the show as every year. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend to your presentation or meet you, but maybe next time.

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Thanks Mikey,
I've been to enough HiFi Shows to appreciate that your videos are realistic and a reasonable substitute for being there personally.
And there's an advantage to sitting where I sore feet!

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I drooled as you quickly went by the Pro-Ject Xtension 9 S-shape turntable. I'm saving up to buy that TT in their new Walnut finish. It will be an upgrade from my Music Hall MMF-2.3
Thanks posting these vids Michael.