Channel D's Seta L Comes Out as Transimpedance

Channel D's long in production (10+ years) high performance Seta L ultra-wide bandwidth, fully balanced, battery powered voltage amplification-based phono preamp (Stereophile "Class A" rated) now features a transimpedance (current amplification) option, switchable via circuit board jumpers.

Best of all, for owners of the original Seta L (manufactured after April 2015), the current amplification option was from the beginning part of the design, so the original circuit board is ready for the update and is retrofittable for $995 plus shipping with a nominal three business day turnaround (not including shipping time). Channel D says for owners of pre-April 2015 Seta Ls, the retrofit "may entail additional components and would need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis". Of course this upgrade makes sense only when used with a low internal impedance moving coil cartridge, where the lower the internal impedance, the greater the gain produced by the transimpedance circuit.

SETA L inside
The Seta L costs $7598. It can also be ordered for $5899 without RIAA circuitry to produce "flat" output (for use with a computer and Channel D Pure Vinyl software for applying RIAA EQ along with dozens of other curves).

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...has taken the bait, I have to ask Mikey if he's concerned that his headline will get him cancelled.

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I'm used to it. I was thrown off of WBCN in 1974 for following up a day's worth of women's programming celebrating the first International Women's Day with a show called "The Men's Room".
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Plus, the unit is the epitome of preamp pulchritude.

Perfectly played.

Out of my budget but so happy it exists!

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I thought it was funny as I'm sure it was intended to be.

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Hahahaha. Love the red box, too. My Pro-Ject Phono Box RS also has variable impedance via a nice big dial on the front. Cool feature.

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You know...
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And learning new things is fun. Thanks!

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...being a current amplifier trapped in the chassis of a voltage amplifier. I hope this transition brings it happiness, though I'm sure it'll encounter some resistance along the way.

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