Classical Pianist and YouTube Phenom To Issue New Liszt Recording in Digital and Pure Analog

The Ukranian pianist Valentina Lisitsa, who has more than 30 million YouTube channel views (and you thought classical music was 'dead'?) and is currently signed to Decca Records, will soon issue a collection of Liszt pieces recorded two different ways: digitally and all-analog with no edits, recorded from the same set of microphones.

Now that will make for a very interesting comparison! We'll be watching out for it. Meanwhile her current release on Decca is of the four Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos and "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini".

Clearly she's going for the heart of the romantic repertoire and the fans are responding positively. Could Bartok be in her future? Don't hold your breath, but who knows?

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I can't wait to hear this!  Liszt recorded and pressed with modern analog technology should be breathtaking.  A digital comparison recording is a nice addition as well, though modern great piano recordings in digital format are not lacking.  Just having a newly produced analog recording of piano music is quite enough for me.  But I bet I end up with a CD copy too, if the vinyl is good enough.  Regardless of the end result I am very excited this is being done.  Thank you for the info.

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   Not a hardcore classical music guy but I do like some classical pieces. Definitely looking forward to this one.

   BUT! I hope it will be affordable. If so, sign me up!

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She is a remarkable player and a joy to listen to in her interviews.  She is going to have a long, successful  career.

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I'd be more interested in the pure analog vs. DSD comparison, but I expect it was probably recorded PCM.

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As her husband is a recording engineer. I have seen her perform on numerous occasions. Super nice person and one great pianist!

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I like this that the video will be recorded in two ways, but there would be an option for editing the video.


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