Cooking With M&M

A shared love of music especially when engraved in vinyl forged a friendship between Michael Fremer and Malachi Lui. Later they found out both also love to cook and the youngster has a sophisticated palate (not surprising). So they decided to cook something together when Malachi next visited, which was last week.

Here's a one camera edited video of the two cooking, talking music, records and sound. Oh, yes, and some politics to which some may object.

The rest of you are sure to enjoy and laugh!

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1) Kosher Pork.

2) Malachi is a charming human.

3) There was nothing objectionable, chatting is great.

Watch out, Alton Brown!!!!

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My brother-in-law would want to have a word with you. He thinks there is NO SUCH THING as Kosher pork (eating cloven hooved animals is against Kosher law in the Torah. It would be explained because pigs eat garbage.).

Apparently, though, there are pigs that have been created from stem cells which can be pronounced "clean". Weird stuff?

Me? I'm Jewish, but I personally say, "Bring on the bacon."

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So much fun!
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I can't tell you how inspiring and charming I'm finding this friendship/mentorship. I feel like there's a great documentary awaiting us in 10 years' time.

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... on public TV.
That can't be a Julia Child recipe because it doesn't include a cup of vermouth.
You need a Microplane grater for the ginger.
MF's Ming Tsai impression sounds more like Martin Yan.
Didn't know that MF was a collector of vintage Pyrex.

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...for MF to "cut the dickens out of his finger"!

Sorry, but the Julia Child bit reminded me of an old SNL skit with Dan Aykroyd playing the "French Chef".

"Save the liver!!!"

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I was imitating Julia well before Dan A. on SNL. I lived in Cambridge, MA back then and used to run into her and her husband shopping at Savinor’s Supermarket near Inman Square...
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we had street parties or BBQ's and everyone would come out and enjoy the day including the children. Cakes for the kids and beers for the dads.
I use to just sit down and watch everyone.Would relax me.
This was similar.

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We don't actually have faucets in the UK, we have taps. Great video.

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are absent Mikey. You don't hold your knife correctly nor do you slice correctly. Hint; forefinger and thumb on either side of blade at shank, heel down and rock. You use your knife like you bubbulah did. Knife skills are fundamental to cooking.

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... a training session with chef Abe:

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But "rocking" the knife on that very big Napa cabbage would have been impossible...
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We enjoyed the pot sticker video and we made a batch on Chinese New Years day.

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Looked yummy guys. This was all good and as for the political jabs hey, no harm. Make Analog Groovy Again I say.