"Deconstructed" Record Collection Now Online

The record collection documented in the story "Deconstructing a Record Collection" can now be viewed online in its entirety in catalog form.
If you have any questions about any of these records, you can email the owners at myfathersvinyl@mail.com.

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Hate to be negative but cataloguing by first name is a drag, likewise with "The" in the group name placing records in the T's. And I would have liked the country of origin! Guess I can e-mail, but the rules state there will be no reply without a final dollar offer.
Like I said, a Herculean task for sure!
Thanks for posting, Mike.
PS Anybody with a dozen Roy Wood albums for sale is alright with me!!!

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The catalog numbers can help with country of origin. I'm looking for a "pink Island" copy of King Crimson's 1st, for example, and this one is not that:

King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King SD 8245

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I saw many of those at the Utrecht show in The Netherlands last year. Average price though was $800.00

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Some of the ones I've seen on eBay from the UK approach that price. Wish I'd bought one twenty or thirty years ago!

I remember reading about that record in '69 in Downbeat magazine, of all places.

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I have both a Pink Island and early Pink Rim, save yourself a bunch of money and get the pink rim, they sound almost identical.

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for the tip. Which one is your favorite?

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I disagree. I also have both and find the pink label quite superior. I got the pink rim from a friend who had replaced it with a pink label because of its superiority. The pink label is the only pressing make from the original master tapes. After that the master tapes were lost for decades. The pink rim was from a safety copy of the master tapes. A copy of that copy was made and sent to the US which was re-eqalized there by Ian McDonald so it was pressed from a fourth generation tape. A copy was made of this tape, so now fifth generation, and sent to Japan for their pressings.

The pink rim is indeed better than the other pressings (I have heard them all including the MoFi, which didn't have the original master tape, and the new pressing which was from the original master tape but via a high-res digital master - yucch) but the pink label is the only one in which the cymbals sound like real cymbals and everything else is better as well. If I were you I'd keep searching.

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Another complicated tale! The reference book "An Illustrated Pocket Guide To Island Records 1962-1977" (Yuri Grishin, 2010) describes the first pressings as having matrices A1/B1 but apparently those are so scarce that some think they don't exist, at least based on this eBay auction's description:


It would be interesting to know the matrix numbers of anyone's copies, if they're willing to share them.

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I would be interested to know how you know the source for the latest vinyl remastering. Not that I trust the descriptions necessarily.

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Are they doing it as a silent auction? Or are they taking first offers?
Would be nice to be able to communicate with them, but I understand that answering a thousand questions would be time consuming and they may not know the answer anyway.


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I feel they are working their way through the process...

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Contacted them with an offer on a bunch of titles, however there is too little information to make an accurate offer. I had to make some assumptions but without the specifics (ie country of origin, stamper, label designs, and accurate discriptions) it nearly impossible to make a correct offer.

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It's unreasonable to expect a "final offer price" when they don't give the condition of the record, but maybe you can give an offer assuming the record is NM, and have them verify before any payment... it's not as if an email is binding.

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I typed in a couple of highly regarded titles from the Vertigo Swirl catalog. One appeared- Gracious!, which is a killer album, if you like progressive stuff from the era. The catalog number is shared across a number of different countries, though, so it would make sense to verify country of origin if you are making an offer.

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This was poorly done. It looks like how this would have seen on the web in 1997.

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It's been a week, that I submitted an offer and have yet to hear back. I don't think these people have a clue on how to deal with records or they are fishing for prices. They need to make a deal with a vendor that would take the collection and be done with it.

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Just received an email that they will first try and sell it as a complete collection, if it fails then they will go the ebay route. I'm not surprised i think they were just trying to collect estimated values for the records. I think they used Mike and the exposure they received here to obtain values easily without doing the work themselves.

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I do believe I'm not quite as cynical a y'all Tommy Tunes. I think they realized that they had just bitten off more than they can chew. However I do believe they are wrong to sell the collection as a whole as they may not get as much for it than if pieced out. I'm sure that the offers made were quite reasonable and that they should have probably accepted them on a "first come first served basis". Hopefully they are reading this blog and reconsider their decision. But I do have a spare few grand if they want to sell it to me :-)