Edwards Audio Turntable Line Displayed at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

The extensive Edwards Audio turntable line uses some O.E.M. Rega parts plus many Edwards manufactures.

The TT1 MkII, the least expensive 'table, includes an 18mm custom LDF (light density fiberboard) plinth, EA202 arm, 12mm clear acrylic platter white ceramic bearing, 120V AC synchronous motor, Blue belt and dustcover. It's available in black, white and red and costs $654.95.

The second to the top of the line TT3SE includes an 18mm MDF plinth, EA202 arm, brass spigot counterweight, RCA output jacks, 18mm frosted acrylic platter, aluminum/Stainless steel inner hub, ruby ceramic bearing, 120V AC motor, Blue belt and dustcover. Available in black, white and red lacquer finishes, the TT3SE costs $1519.95.

A new top of the line TT1SEJ was not at the show, but it will include a Jelco SA-750D arm and Jelco tonearm cable. Otherwise it appears identical to the TT3SE and will cost $1369.95.

Edwards Audio

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Not really sure what this outfit......brings to the party?
The Crosley (by Pro-Ject) C10-Mahagony, including a pre-installed Ortofon OM5e, is available for $350 - or about half the cost of the TT1 MkII without a cartridge.
Above that, the new Pro-Ject Classic model actually looks like its worth the asking price.

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They're aiming at speed stability.
IMO, that's about 10/10ths of what a turntable should be designed for. The other variables are easy fixes.
What I don't get is why they're using LDF. It seems like a shitty compromise.
Pro-ject is offering a plinth extension box in their 2016 catalogue. Double MDF anyone? It's a "so simple, it's genius" move on their part. I like the fact that you can take an inexpensive turntable and notch the performance up bit by bit, making it worth way more than you paid for it. (The extension costs about 130 Euros. Not bad!)
I DO like the look of that clear acrylic platter, for purely aesthetic reasons.
If they're offering it separately, I'd buy one for my Debut!

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Thank you Mike for coming by our rooms at THE Show Newport and reporting the introduction of these amazing turntables in the U.S. There is so much going on at an audio show that reporting on new products gets confusing, so please allow me to correct a few errors:
1- There are two Edwards Audio turntable models below the units shown: the Apprentice Lite and the Apprentice Mk2.
2- The Edwards Audio TT1 Mk2 has a high quality, water resistant, custom machined MDF plinth; not LDF as reported.
3- The MDF plinth on the TT3SE is 50mm thick, not 18mm as reported and also includes a 22mm frosted acrylic platter manufactured in house, as is the aluminum/stainless steel inner hub.
4- The just-announced TT1SEJ turntable w/ Jelco SA-750D tonearm is, with the exception of the tonearm, idential to the TT1SE; not the TT3SE.
5- Bob, the acrylic platters (and all other accessories) are available separately.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

Bill Richardson