At T.H.E. Show Newport Beach, Kevin Voecks Talks About the Revel Concerta2 Speaker Series

Yes, there’s still more T.H.E. Show Newport coverage to go.

At T.H.E. Show Newport Beach, Kevin Voecks, one of today's most talented speaker designers, talks about the new moderately priced Revel Concerta2 speaker series. caught him in mid-explanation. These floor standers costing $2000/pr. sounded superbly coherent and well-extended playing back two channel vinyl rips.

At that price-point you could build a great sounding system and still have money left over for more vinyl!

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... the third (top) woofer of the F35/F36 models up to crossover point with the tweeter, instead of using a separate mid-range driver as was done in the F12?

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I can attest that these speakers do everything right. Revel has hit one out of the park on this one. My only personal note is that they were just a tiny hair bright to my ears, but that could easily be that they were either not settled in yet or perhaps could also be the room. If I did not have the speakers I do, I would own these. They shoot well above their price point and the finish is amazing, especially for the price. They ended up on my short list of best of show. Way to go Kevin!