EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) 2019 Highlights

Founded in 1982 by the editors-in-chiefs from five European photography magazines to select the "camera of the year", EISA has grown to international stature and now includes groups covering Hi-fi, home theater, mobile phones, in-car electronics and other categories

This year and last, the group, made up of journalists from around the world, held its convention in Antwerp, Belgium. During the week-long meeting companies make presentations to journalists of their new products and later, votes are taken and awards given out. Winners get to display the EISA logo on their products

What's it like to attend and participate in the EISA event? This video takes you on the inside for a "journalist's eye view" of some of the audio presentations (which have been edited down to manageable size). AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer provides a running "ticker" commentary at the bottom of the screen. A second video will soon be added to this one. To see last year's winners go to the EISA website.

This was the second year I attended EISA, filling in this year for Stereophile Editor Jim Austin. EISA's president is Paul Miller who also heads up AVTech Media, and is editor of Hi-Fi News in the U.K. (busy man). Miller has expanded EISA's participation beyond Europe to now include members from Australia, Japan, Canada and of course The United States. Presenters in this video include Andrew Jones, Heinz Lichtenegger and a few others with whom you may be familiar. Late evening in the bar was a great time to get to know both the journalists and presenters. I had a great time with KEF's gregarious Johan Coorg, who you will see in the video. We bonded over a mutual love for Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's vulgar, drunk alter egos Derek and Clive.

Once the show was over there was time for record shopping, which I did with Phile Web Executive Chief Editorial Officer Yosuke Asada who is much better with Google maps or whatever he used than am I, so we were able to visit more than a few record stores including one really great one and a few that were merely good (videos in the next EISA video). As you can see by the smiles we had a great time!

The presentations were mostly interesting though a few suffered because the presenters lacked the requisite communications skills . It's a shame when good products sink under the weight of lackluster presentations! . The week went by quickly and I had way more fun than expected. I'd even go back again if the new JA didn't want to go!

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would be great if possible. I'd love to know if it could go toe-to-toe with a Planar 3, the new SL-1200, VPI Cliffwood, Music Hall 5.3 etc.