Gold Note Adds Outboard PSU For Its PH-10 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

FIRENZE, Italy: Italian High-End manufacturer Gold Note – just introduced the PSU-10 external power supply developed to enhance the performance of the PH-10 phono stage.

The power supply is a proprietary dual choke, double inductor design that said to "perfectly filter" the signal voltages in order to eliminate all possible AC power electrical pollution.

The PSU-10's massive power supply shields the PH-10 phono stage from electromagnetic interferences thus insulating it effectively from the AC power system. The result is said to be "super low noise, greater dynamics, and better fine detail resolution, all of which is claimed to result in greater sonic realism and more "pure audio pleasure."

Three of the four high quality power transformers in the PSU-10 are dedicated exclusively to the power supply, while one is for the inductive filter. The press release did not disclose the price.

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... Gold Note did not supply any photos of that which is inside the box?