I Have a +1 to the Third Man Records Pressing Plant Opening Party. Want to Go?

I have a +1 invitation to the grand opening party at Third Man Records' Detroit pressing plant for Friday February 24th at 8 PM. Want to join me?

Okay, this is unusual but my wife can't go and I don't want to go alone so here's your chance to go with me. Here's the deal: you have to meet me there. You must dress in semi-formal attire (dark suit w/or without vest) and look John Varvatos hip, and you have to cover all expenses involved in getting there and back from whence you came.

Only one person can go with me since I have a +1 not a +2 or +3.

The event starts at 8PM so you must be there before 8. If you want to go, post a message under this story and say why you think you should be selected to go. I'll choose one person and we'll take it from there! This has been sanctioned by the publisher!

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As a committed vinylphile for 35+ years, I live in Detroit and enjoyed attending the recent Shinola event next door to 3rd Man Records, for their new Turntable release. Although I grew up on the east cost, I'm now known locally to my friends as both a Detroit booster and vinyl proselytizer, and have been following the development of Detroit's cottage vinyl and manufacturing industry (watches, turntables, etc) for some time and am eager to check out this new addition to our local scene. I've wanted to visit a pressing plant for many years, and would relish the opportunity to do so with you, Michael, and to have the chance to talk all things analog, and to show you some cool places around our city if you like. Thanks for your consideration for this AWESOME OPPORTUNITY!!!

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Native Detroiter. Been in or around this business for 50 years. sounds like fun!!!


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If for no other reason, the garnering of details about their forthcoming line of cartridges might be a bit easier to glean standing by your side.

Well, that and it sounds like a hell of an evening.

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My bad, the forthcoming cartridges from their neighbor Shinola.

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As the title suggests, I'm a married mother with two kiddos, a long time Jack White fan, nurse, and recently converted lover of vinyl. Proof is provided of the above on my Instagram "maggiemay_g". I live two hours north of Detroit in the county. Yes, you could take your very own, real life, Midwest farmer's daughter (and farmer's wife) to the shin dig. I promise not to wear my barn boots or be a fan girl. I can swear to this statement either on a bible or your most prized record, whichever would means more to you.
Why me? Why not?! I'll leave you to your business, entertain you with sparkling conversation, or help you write an award winning peice by capturing the fan's perspective of the vinyl revolution. Whatever works for you.

Thanks for your time, this post made my day just to see someone trying to put some good into our world, the likes of which have been lacking in the recent news.

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should win the evening. Nice posting and will lift the women's quota at the event.

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Sounds like she should be the winner to me Michael. Good luck Maggie

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Oh to go back and fix spelling my errors! I was on my phone when I posted, hands shaking, heart pounding, and mind spinning. Thank you for the votes of confidence, the thrill of even entertaining the idea of going has put a pep in my step all weekend.

I feel like I need to state the following, I'm no "awe shucks" country girl. I brought up my farming lifestyle because if you know TMR you've heard of Margo Price, who's debut album "Midwest Farmer's Daughter" is their next vault release. I love this album! It speaks to me more than any other country music has in a long time. I'm a professional, educated, as sophisticated as I can be for Tuscola Co., working woman who loves music and is constantly seeking out cultural experiences. I believe strongly in supporting local and American made, and want to be a part of Detroit's continued revival.

Michael, it would be an honor to accompany you to this event. To see through your eyes the first new presses in the USA and to attend a TMR event as an invited guest. So often the events for fans feel like a cattle call. I don't want to be a rat at the feeder bar, mindlessly forking over my money. I want to understand the process of vinyl and understand how to hear the music the way it was intended.

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How embarrassing! Remove hand from back for attempt at crafting a light hearted, yet sincere, post and apply palm to forehead. I never realized how much I appreciate edit buttons.

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Sounds fun and....we can finalize your visit to my radio program on a future Tuesday. KXDS in St George.

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If only I were big enough to transporty most,
I would take you there myself, I would do this.

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Yes, I think you should take "barn boots" with ya.

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About 4 or 5 years ago, I started asking you sincere but very elemental questions about how to get back into vinyl. You replied to every email I sent you. I didn't buy the turntable you recommended, but I've bought many of the things you have recommended in stereophile and also Analogplanet. When I first emailed you, I hadn't even bought my first album, now I have close to a thousand vinyl albums. I'm listening to the Fragile album by Yes as I write this. I just purchased a plane ticket for Axpona in Chicago, it will be my first show; if you don't pick me for Detroit, I'd love to thank you, shake your hand and buy you a drink in Chicago.

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...inviting her would upset some homefront apple carts, I'll gladly take you up on the offer. I'm from Colorado, Rick at Audio Alternative is my long-time dealer-friend. I'd love the chance to meet you. Records have been my thing since I was 2. I still have the first 45s I was given as a gift, along with everything purchased since. I wholeheartedly agree with your take on the best Avalon pressing -- got mine at a crusty shop in Brussels in the early 90s. Along with a boatload of UK 80s stuff, dirt cheap. I'd love to be able to chat w/Ben @ Third Man, and see the swanky new digs. I have two cousins with families outside of Detroit that I haven't seen in a few years, so I could make it a useful trip on several levels. But I would very much respect choosing Maggie as your guest! Thanks for offering us the chance!

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I was literally Googling flight prices to go to the public portion of this the night BEFORE you posted this. I am a member of the Third Man Club that sends me their quarterly private pressings (so I'm fantasizing that they'll let me trade them in for ones pressed at Cass and NOT URP-boo) and my 11 yo daughter, as I write this, is wearing a White Stripes T-shirt. But most importantly, for all of the generous time you have spent answering what I presume for you is terribly repetitive questions, I still need to ask you what you think is the best Mose Allison pressing you can recommend. You were busy, I forgive you.
Thanks for it all!

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Too bad I live in Germany :(

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I'll just say I would love to take in this event !

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Good luck Maggie. I'm sure Michael will be the perfect gentleman and make your evening unforgettable.

Too bad I live in Cape Town!