I Try Thinkin' But Nuttin' Happens!

That Curly Howard quote that got me thinking.

The comments under the Audio Deske CES 2016 story were puzzling. They seemed to indicate that some readers didn't know what cavitation was, or how the Audio Deske record cleaner works. Had they the knowledge they might not have posted their comments.

I figured by now everyone who reads this website knows how the Audio Deske, the KLAUDIO and the Ultrasonic V8 record cleaning machines work, but obviously that's wrong.

So what's going on, I thought? And then I figured out what it was!

kI just got the unique visitor traffic for the month of December and last month alone traffic rose by 10,000 visitors. In other words posts will have to take newcomers into account.

So that story should have explained how the Audio Deske works and it also should have included a link to the original Audio Deske review, which will happen in a few minutes!

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Calling All Curs

It's one of my favorite Curly lines.

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when I found out that Crosley was selling rebranded Pro-ject turntables.

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Indeed, that was a trainwreck. I was already somewhat aware of the Audio Deske and how it worked. The sad truth is, opinions on cleaning methods are very polarizing, and many feel that $50 worth of supplies and dogged determination will out-clean anything costing more; vacuums, feh! (I still know a couple of pals who run records under tap water and feel they can't get any cleaner!) Having tried other methods myself, I know ultrasonic is the way to go, yet it's nowhere near being within my budget at the moment. Distant future? Maybe!

But anyway, I do have a question. Of the three you mention, which do you feel does the best job of cleaning? Or, are they pretty much equal in effectiveness?

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I always tell my wife I am going to write a book, as soon as I think of the words. I didn't realize I was stealing Curly's line!