Intervention Re-Pressing Gene Clark's Classic White Light AAA LP

Intervention's reissue of Gene Clark's classic White Light sold out, but it's currently being re-pressed and the company is taking orders. Don't miss out the second time!

Rashers's picture

of a great record. It would be great if they could do an AAA version of No Other - the box set vinyl version was meh.

mraudioguru's picture

...the first time around. EXCELLENT! Highly recommended!!

Steve Edwards's picture

I also own the two Joe Jackson reissues from IR and they are a big improvement over the originals.

IR Shane's picture

Hoping to get more represses back on in 2020!

mraudioguru's picture about some new titles? Can you spill what might be in the pipeline?

IR Shane's picture

Looking forward to 2020 even if I don't have anything to announce right now!

ChrisM's picture

This record (IR) is a real gem, not to be missed.

JEngg's picture

Looking forward to hear more in 2020