"It's a Vinyl World, After All" DVD Now Available!

"It's a Vinyl World, After All," Michael Fremer's second vinyl-related DVD is now for sale. Shot in high definition at the Pallas pressing plant in Diepolz, Germany and at Record Technology (RTI) in Camarillo, California, the DVD covers how records are manufactured at two of the world's best pressing plants. Also covered are record handling, storage, cleaning and collecting, on a three hour plus program.

There's also an exclusive twenty minute plus "eavesdrop" on a Music Matters' Blue Note mastering session with Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman.

Promo copies will go out early January. We eagerly await the reviews and hope they are as positive as they were for the first DVD.

Perhaps you've noticed a slackening off of new content posted to this site. That's because of the time it's taken to see this project through to completion.

We promise to "fill in the review blanks" and add more new feature content once the DVD goes to the pressing plant. Thanks for your understanding.

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It's worth waiting such a DVD, it's quite interesting to see the whole process of records manufacturing. After watching "It's a Vinyl World, After All", anyone who decides to buy a dvd will know how long it took to be available on stores.