Levin Introduces Stylish Stylus Brush

Levin Designs, the German company that manufactures a very stylish wood-handled record cleaning brush recently introduced an equally stylish stylus cleaning brush.

It's not stiff enough to "scrub' dirt from your stylus like the stiff bristled ones do that come with some cartridges—especially those that as you to not use liquids containing alcohol because the stylus is bonded to the cantilever, but for casual cleaning of "dust ball" type stuff it works well, plus of course it looks great.

For now it's available only directly from Levin

Wood choices are:

bog oak 79,80 EURO
- root wood / tuja 69,80 EURO
- karelian Birch Maser 59,80 EURO
- pear wood 47,80 EURO
- technical plastic 39,80 EURO

OldschoolE's picture

I can barely say it slow.:) I prefer the little round dense stylus brushes myself and I use them dry.

rshak47's picture

if I recall correctly, it came with my Ortofon cartridge. Regardless, it does the trick.

mikelakers's picture

I use goat hair camera lipstick brush, which I bought a while back for $5.

Here's one example on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Matin-DUST-BRUSH-Lipstick-Goat-Hair-Pen-Cleaner-...

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I use onzow zero dust. Works great and lasts quite a long time

cranie's picture

Same here.

teachscience's picture

$45.00 to $88.00 for a stylus duster! Seriously. I don't think its better than the ZeroDust or the stiff bristled brush that I paid $7.00 for. In fact combined, I paid less than the lowest price for both.

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made from the hair of wirgins ?

mauidj's picture

...that non audiophiles think this hobby is silly. I enjoy the hobby but I think it is as silly as it gets when I read about stuff like $90 stylus brushes.

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I thought Mr Kleen Magic Eraser was the be-all and end-all of stylus cleaners, no? I use that periodically and the brush that Ortofon supplied with my 2M-Black after each side. What more could I need?

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I also use the Magic Eraser.. Just cut a small piece off and you're good to go forever..

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The "Little Pan" stiff stylus brush for me - used dry and neither stirred nor shaken.

And of course a genuine or (unauthorised replica) Watts dustbug on each turntable.

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And if this isn't enough, my favourite record brush is an unobtainium Watts Manual Parastat (no affiliation wattsoever. Used dry as always.