London Maroon Cartridge and StylusTimer Sweepstakes

Register to win a London Maroon Cartridge (Value $950.00 ea) and a StylusTimer (value $19.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"The legendary London (Decca) cartridge is known for its extraordinary and unmatched musicality, delivered by its unique transducer design.


With a StylusTimer (2021 Stereophile Recommended Component) you can track cartridge break in-time, total stylus time, and the time you spend enjoying music, while preserving your system’s sound quality and protecting your records from damage from a worn stylus."


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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

B Anderson's picture

Count me in

James Gallagher's picture

What a great opportunity to upgrade my system with the London Maroon cartridge.
Thank You !

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win

TexDave1212's picture

Good Luck to everybody, may the best person win this contest!!! Rock On!!

torturegarden's picture

I've been thinking of upgrading my cartridge, this would be perfect.

andyecon's picture


bbww's picture

What's the specification of the cartridge?

pjb1033's picture

I'm upgrading my system after 25 years--this would be a nice addition.

volvic's picture

I need it!

c_mojo's picture


Smokeyjoec's picture

Count me in. Looking forward to winning this ..

homersoddishe's picture

I shan’t profane Spam.

Calvin_and_Hobbes's picture

Great contest!

Mikelimch's picture


Diogo's picture

Yes please!

BansuriJazz's picture

I'm in.

hiwattnick's picture

...both of those products. Been looking for a new cart to.

Fiskemicke's picture

...lottery! I have the Stulys Timer and like it a lot.

Emu-72's picture

Thank you for the opportunity!

GaryS's picture

Count me in.

Arvo Palm-Leis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

FSTNBLBS's picture

pick me please!

Donnie Ton's picture

for the opportunity.

Boomer's picture

Hell yeah, sign me up and thanks for the sweepstakes.

Steve Edwards's picture

Thank you for the opportunity

CLS's picture

Good luck everyone

romanotrax's picture

Beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity

Kind of blue's picture

How timely as I'm nearing the end on my current cartridge! Fingers are crossed...

kwolfdds's picture

Hope to be the lucky one. In need of a new cartridge anyway.
Thanks for the opportunity!

rexlibris's picture

Really love to have this cartridge!

Celtic Bob's picture

Perfect timing as I need a new cart for the Sansui 929 TT I got before Xmas but been sick since and off work for much of 2021 so a cart is not an option right now. This would make my year.

TerryWI's picture

I think it's about time I win.

Chemguy's picture

YES, please!

ankysoho's picture

I'll play!

vinylvin's picture


hadrovinyl54's picture

Can't wait to win it

gregjb's picture

Great timing to experience a new cartridge instead of retipping.

nogan's picture

To upgrade to this cartridge

fdroadrunner's picture

Wish me luck.

abescan's picture

Maroon me on a dessert island with this GREAT cartridge!

8thman's picture

Time for a new stylus.

DeeJayBump's picture

I'm in, thanks.

sckott's picture

Thanks Mikey!

virtualbryan's picture

I'd love a London
Thanks Mike

Patanalog's picture

This would be a great birthday present!

s10sondek's picture

Tossing my hat in the ring!

drhoehl's picture

This is a comment, nothing more.

bonsai171's picture

Sign me up, would be a wonderful upgrade to my first turntable, a Uturn audio Orbit!


ramseurrecords's picture

Wish me luck.

jek's picture

Want to clock in a London!

MikeT's picture

This would be great to have - Please help me out. Thanks.

dalklv's picture

I'm in the process of setting up a second table. Could use another stylus timer and new cartridge. We'll see what my luck is!

Jbever's picture

Count me in. Shopping for a new cart now!

FlorisW's picture

This comment is gonna make me win

Gunnarson's picture

Lets go!

patony407's picture

Used to own a Decca Export. It was a great cart.

Rodan's picture

Like everyone else, I can always use more cartridges and vinyl accessories!

lpsteve's picture

i hope i win

mtemur's picture

I always liked London cartridges' sound especially the jubilee's.

freejazz00's picture

my entry

thefinalsound's picture

I'm in it to win it.

warpig's picture

Good luck all.

Greggo's picture

This would be a wonderful bonus! Just finished watching the professional turntable correct setup seminar on YouTube with Michael Fremer @ Audio Video Show 2019 Thanks my Canadian RT85W thanks you to I’m just getting into records & Hi-Fi is amazing

mikerr's picture

i like it

DavidC's picture

I’ve never heard the London carts. I’d be intrigued to do so.

antonmb's picture

Count me in please.

Grx8's picture

Not that there's anything wrong with that…

Spencer's picture

Why not? I'll take a chance. You can win if you don't enter!

burntwaxaudio's picture

A lot about the history of Decca cartridges and am fascinated. Watched some videos of this cartridge and it is such a dynamic, beautiful sound.

fishbone35's picture

I'm in, and in need of a new cart

John Macca's picture

...lucky me!

Andrew L's picture

I'd be delighted with the stylus timer. It beats making pencil score marks in a notebook!

howemt's picture

...for the very cool sweepstakes!

Vic Trolla's picture

I hope the cartridge goes to a good home, but "timer" will tell.

jwbavalon's picture

I'm in.

csericks's picture

Looking forward to my new cartridge

Newport_66's picture

Here's my hat thrown in the ring..

Neil Cohen's picture

Would make a lovely upgrade to my system.

dee eye why's picture

I sure wish I owned a London maroon cartridge!

davenportbuzz's picture

(kneeling down and bobbing) I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...!!

JayhawkHiFi's picture

Always wanted to try a Decca!

BCDC's picture

The Stylus timer sounds like a good idea but there is little point starting it during the time of my current cartridge so I will need to win the new London one as well. Then I can send my existing one off for a re tip. Thank in advance.

abertawe's picture

I heard these London Maroon cartridges were great.

Howard's picture

To send my new cartridge to. Thanks so much.

The Bulb's picture

Especially since I'm in the market for a new cartridge already...

gca's picture

Fingers crossed!

jgrant11's picture

I am in

WGH's picture

A new London vs. the venerable Goldring G1042
Time to get out the slippers and smoking jacket.

gringostarr's picture

Fingers crossed

DFacobbre's picture

I'm in.

capecodder's picture

Need a new cartridge. Please!

Mudfoot's picture

This looks nifty! A review on this cart perhaps?

gsuen's picture

never thought about using a cart timer...

Record Bore's picture

I'll have a Macaroon please.

sluggobeast's picture

You’ll have a fine life on my Rega table enjoying my fine platters.

Kwdhifi's picture

sign me up.

Chas's picture

Would love to win a new cartridge!

abearing's picture

Looks interesting

misternewton's picture

I figured I try anyway, for such a great cartridge.

englong's picture

why not?

MX5Bob's picture

A new cartridge would be great.

louv610's picture

Thanks for the chance.

--merlin-the-dog--'s picture

Thank you!

mzeigler's picture


analogCurt's picture

I had a Decca once many decades ago. It was such a great cartridge. Really played the music. Always wanted another one. Hoping to have one once again as a result of this contest. Good luck everyone!

Yourgoldteeth's picture

Sweepstakes enter, I must. Stylus new I trust.

vinylrules's picture

Hello. Thanks for the opportunity Michael!

mrbruce's picture

I had a Decca London years ago, installed in a Rabco SL-8e, but it was stolen. A Maroon would be great.

mikeydevod's picture

my current sumiko pearl is about gone. time for an upgrade.

KG_Jag's picture

I'm in--thanks.

concerto12's picture

but it has been a while.

Cyclist's picture

I would be honored and surprised to win such a wonderful cartridge. My turntable would sound so much better. Thank you

lanetim's picture

I used to live in London in a Maroon house. I'll take one for memories sake!

lanetim's picture

I used to live in London in a Maroon house. I'll take one for memories sake!

doctorjohn's picture

Perfect summer thrill!

pboser's picture

To match my Decca tweeters!

zeram1's picture

Wow, just the shear growth in number of contest applicants, shows that vinyl truly does rule!

zeram1's picture

Wow, just the shear growth in number of contest applicants, shows that vinyl truly does rule!

threepercent68's picture

....Great stuff MF!

DigMyGroove's picture

Count me in.

jondle's picture

transitive verb. 1 : to put ashore on a desolate island or coast and leave to one's fate. 2 : to place or leave in isolation or without hope of ready escape. maroon.

spyder1's picture

I need this!

davids's picture

Would love to compare the London to my 2m black - Thanks for giving me the chance with this sweepstake.

bkaminski12's picture

Just in time as I'm shopping now

tsteves's picture

I would love to hear this in my system!

flowdrifter's picture

Have always been interested in a London Maroon.

Jeffreylj's picture

You guys!

russellhuffman's picture

i'm intrigued

ejnwow's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

holdbyedges's picture

Wish me luck. I’m in.

bubbaz's picture

A turntable odometer, what a concept!

Kevin R-M's picture

Already have a couple Stylus Timers....but would be glad to try a Decca cart.

Mark Cherrington's picture

A truckload of desert island discs, a good turntable, and this cartridge--that's my idea of being marooned. Count me in.

ajpanic's picture

I am in need of a new stylus. Thank you

mstcraig's picture

Yes, Please!

Old Audiophile's picture

Thanks for this tip on the stylus timer, Mike! Just bought one directly from StylusTimer. No shipping charge and took only 3 days to arrive! Great service & lightening delivery speed! Where has this been all my life? For decades I've been relying on my tiny microscope, my ears and a time guesstimate to tell me when it's time for a new stylus of cartridge. This will certainly help!

citizenandrew's picture

i've got a 4 month old that would really benefit from this upgrade!

Robert Young's picture

Have always wanted to try a Decca!!

joeslang's picture

Very cool - I appreciate the opportunity!

David Andrews's picture

And I'm not what I appear to be

kramth's picture

Thanks for the heads up Michael.

Analogico's picture

As I truly believe that you can't objectively tell the difference between a CD and Vinyl, anybody that thinks otherwise is just delusional. Want proof? Send these to me and I'll post a video showing it!

BarakaPDub's picture

It would be interesting to try for sure but what type of cart is it.

berlinerpunk's picture

I would love to win this cart, Mike!

nelsonkiwi's picture

Would love to win!

barfle's picture

Looks like it sounds good to me!

Lanzing's picture

Let me add it to my stable of carts.

DrJB's picture

I've broken three cantilevers in the last 12 months, Hana, Grado, Soundsmith. Please draw my name so that I can try my hand with the Decca.

And thanks for your analog dedication, AP! I can't help but think that you folks are partially responsible for my incompetent handling of expensive bobbles.'s picture

Congrats on your new speakers! If I win I can compare my VERY old, hand-tuned, Decca Gold with a new Maroon (which seems to eschew the crappy plastic mount of the original Deccas) on my Audiostatics! I'll even know how much time I spend comparing them with my new timer!

kingofallvinyl's picture

Looks great