Los Angeles Area Record Stores "Mini-Tour" Part 1

Leading up to the Newport Beach show this weekend, I took a day to travel around the L.A. area with Record Collector News publisher Jim Kaplan.

Here's Part 1 of a multi-part video feature: FreakBeat Records and Permanent Records:

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Get over to sunset and alvarado in the Echo Park are for Blue Bag & Origami Records. Then head over to Highland Park for Wombleton (rare euro imports), Permanent Records, and Gimme Gimme (formerly NYC and great guy). There are other stores as well and they are all in a 2 mile radius, this is becoming the vinyl epicenter. Also, if you are in the valley still go to Atomic in Burbank. Every time I travel and shop for records I realize how good I have it back home in L.A.

Cheers and enjoy your stay!

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I just realized you were already there! Maybe from the last time I commented about on here about the next time you are in L.A. Good to go then. My bad. I hope that it was worth the trip and you are always willing to try new spots, that's why you the man.

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Not to post too much, but I just got done watching the rest of the video (I'm at work)and Wombleton and Gimme Gimme are more worthwhile and have more hard to find (Wombleton) and seminal pieces (Gimme Gimme).

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If one is looking for clean records, sorry but regarding the two stores in this video it is no contest whatsoever.

I didn't see either of you too gentlemen look at too many of the actual discs to examine them for condition but Permanent Records is a travesty in that respect. Overpriced TRASHED records.

On the other hand Bob at Freakbeat doesn't put anything in the regular bins or up on the wall unless it's at least VG++, which is why you saw fewer titles available - because his records sell and cleaner ones are ostensibly harder to come by. Permanent records looks like they have a lot of great titles but sadly they are in the kind of shape reserved for people with Crosleys.

I look forward to seeing other videos in this series and I will of course chime in with my 2 cents since I am a veteran LA record collector.

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Thanks for another video tour.

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