Los Angeles Area Record Stores "Mini-Tour" Part 2

Here's Part 2 of the L.A. Area Record Stores "Mini Tour": Wombleton Records.

What a great place! Not to "cast aspersions" but Wombleton is the difference between a used record store and a "curated experience".

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I'm so glad you were able to check out Wombleton. It's my favorite record store in L.A, although Rockaway is right up there.
I'm 50-years-old and grew up listening to (and playing/performing) Post-Punk. Being able to re-buy--yes, I dumped all my early-80s import vinyl in the 90s--is a wonderful thing. Not cheap, but super fun!

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I use to work with Ian, the owner, at Rhino Records back in the day and that guy knows his stuff and is one of the funniest guys. Even though he carries stuff I am not too familiar with I enjoy learning knew things from his curated stock (well put Fremer).

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Great shop. I couldn't turn away! By the way, have you heard the Rhino reissue of Marquee Moon? They seem to be doing a decent job.

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As always, thank you for these videos you do Mr. Fremer. I enjoy them. Those two T-Bone Burnett records you looked at, I have them both (original pressings). I wonder what he wanted for them? I agree that T-bone is an acquired taste somewhat, but those two albums and the two after them are sonic stunners. I found the more I listened to them (and the two that followed), the more I liked them. I don't know what ones you have heard, but those you showed were some of his best. I'm not so keen on his Alpha Band stuff (although I have both of those as well just because they are hard to find). As for his later stuff, I'm not crazy about it either, but well produced as always.

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Not a bootleg, it's a seventies album by Doug Yule and Ian Paice of Deep Purple. VU was touring Europe after Lou's departure, keeping Maureen and Sterling employed. They picked up Ian after Maureen pulled out. Sterling is not on the record. It sounds like a Doug Yule solo project, kin d of interesting in spots.