Los Angeles Area Record Stores "Mini-Tour" Part 4

Our final stops in the mini tour.

This could have gone on for days but I didn't have days to spend. So in the afternoon we visited Gnar Burger Records and Jack Knife Records.

Gnar Burger is a small store with an eclectic mix of records but not a big selection. The store's distinction is that it also releases cassettes.

Jack Knife has a larger selection of records as well as some vintage audio gear that it does not give away!

Thanks to Record Collector News publisher Jim Kaplan for ferrying me around to the stores and for introducing me to Louis, his pet Raven.

pmatt's picture

"the faster I flip..." We've all been there.

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Now I'm convinced that there's something seriously wrong with me (and many of you as well) because I actually sat through over 100 minutes watching some guy flip records, and enjoyed it!
I'm always a bit overwhelmed in stores like these because I don't know whats a good pressing and what's just average. Perhaps, Mr. F., you can update your record buying tips with some advice on which labels are particularly worthwhile, etc.

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On my copy, between the words BIG and DEAL is scratched out on both front and back cover.