Luxman Introduces Upgraded PD-151 MkII Turntable and All-New L-507Z Class AB Integrated Amplifier

Luxman has just announced a pair of new products that we find very much of interest — and we think you will too. First, Luxman is replacing its acclaimed PD-151A turntable with the upgraded PD-151 MkII turntable. The PD-151 MkII offers a new proprietary tonearm known as the LTA-309, which incorporates knife-edge bearings tech originally developed by SAEC, the noted Japanese brand. The SRP for the PD-151 MkII is $6,490.


The PD-151 MkII carries forward the proprietary power supply and speed-control tech incorporated into the previous model, the aforementioned PD-151A. Meanwhile, the LTA-309 tonearm offers static balance, a machined aluminum arm base, and an adjustable arm height to accommodate different cartridges.


Additional key features of the PD-151 MkII — which plays LPs at 33 1/3, 45, and 78rpm — include Luxman’s sine-wave PWM power supply; a low-speed, high-torque DC motor built on a high-precision cast-alloy chassis; rotational speed maintained by Luxman’s Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) feedback control loop; 9lb (4.0kg) diamond-cut-finished platter; 16mm stainless-steel shaft with a lower thrust bearing lubricated with polyether ether ketone (PEEK); a brass radial bearing filled with organic molybdenum oil to support the upper shaft; a high-grade AC input to support heavy accessory power cables; a 10mm thick aluminum top panel; and rubber polymer damping.

Included accessories and other elements of this new PD-151 MkII ’table are an anti-resonant rubber hybrid record coupling mat; Isolator feet with special damping material and 5mm of independent height adjustment; and the 4mm clear-acrylic OPPD-DSC151 dust cover with cam/spring supporting hinges.


The L-507Z Class AB integrated amplifier, the first entry in Luxman’s Z series, features Luxman’s original LIFES1.0 distortion-canceling feedback engine. (The LIFES acronym stands for Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System.) First offered on the company’s M-10X power amplifier earlier this year, LIFES1.0 is said to reduce distortion while controlling feedback inaccuracies. The L-507Z integrated amp has an SRP of $8,995.

The L-507Z — which weighs 56lbs (25.4kg) — sports front-panel VU meters; a 7-segment LED display for easier-to-read volume levels; a Pentaconn 4.4mm headphone jack incorporating five conductors for balanced output, supplementing the standard 6.3mm jack; rear-panel 12v trigger for compatible home automation systems; thick aluminum chassis panels; density gradient cast-iron feet; and a wireless remote that also operates Luxman digital players released after 1996.

Other key L-507Z specs include 110W + 110W RMS, Class AB into 8ohm loads; 210W + 210W RMS, Class AB into 4ohm loads; highly regulated power supply with EI-type transformer and an array of eight 10,000µF filter capacitors; and a LECUA1000 electronically controlled attenuator with 88 discrete steps.

More info about both the PD-151 MkII and the L-507Z and where you can get yours can be found here.


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reviews on these units. Love Luxman.

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A thing of beauty, but why did Luxman discontinue the even more beautiful PD-171A/AL? If I had purchased one, I would hope Luxman has enough spares. Is the reason they discontinued it because the PD-151 is just as good? Hope they offer it in an armless version. Love Luxman gear.

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You can see a screenshot here from a Japan site

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Thanks for that arcman67, love that turtable. Only $7,000 eh? Will be more here in the US. Would love to have one.

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last April at AXPONA driving a set of Harbeth M30.2 XD speakers.
After a few tracks it was obvious that each manufacturer have made noticeable improvements in sound quality over past models.
Impressive transparency with just the right amount of sweetness but the star of the show was refinement. The sound was so delicately refined that comparisons to a 300B SET amp system would be interesting.
Thanks and looking forward to a full review !