Majority Moto Turntable

As much as we truly love reviewing, admiring, reporting on, and listening to high-end turntables, we also have a duty to inform the AP audience about more affordable options for the newbies and budding audiophiles amongst us — and that leads right into today’s subject, the Majority Moto turntable.


The Majority Moto table is equipped with an Audio-Technica AT3600L cartridge, precision tonearm, and a precision-engineered dampening platter. It offers 5.3 Bluetooth in/out connectivity and USB recording, and it sports a pair of built-in speakers (likely of their own construct, as Majority also make their own branded speakers and soundbars) — though, of course, the Moto can play through external speakers as well.


The Moto comes with dampening feet, a Majority-branded felt slip mat, protective lid, and 45rpm adapter, and it offers 33⅓, 45, and 78rpm playback options. The dimensions of the table (which also sports a walnut finish) are 45.1 x 20.1 x 41.8cm (w/h/d), and it weighs 3kg. The Moto has a 3-year extended warranty.


Incidentally, Majority has made a pledge to be “one of the greenest tech companies on the planet,” and to become “the world’s first carbon neutral audio brand.” To that end, the British company launched the Majority Forest with Ecologi, a reforestation organization, in order to “work towards a climate positive future.”

According to the company, as of April 2023, Majority have planted 435,824 trees and removed 481.55 tonnes of carbon emissions from the atmosphere, and we applaud those continued efforts.


And now, back to more Moto table info. The Majority Moto turntable has a truly affordable SRP of £79.95. According to a Majority rep, the Moto table is currently only available via Amazon UK here (and for a few pounds less than the SRP, at least as of this posting), but it can be shipped to the United States.

For more about Majority, go here.


Glotz's picture

Such great effort from a company selling a complete turntable for $100! KUDOS. I can think of one friend that wants to jump into vinyl cheaply.

Noodlebluesman's picture

and the budding audiophile can purchase quite a few new re-releases with the money saved.
Two questions: (1) Is this belt-driven or direct drive? (2) When will the specs for wow & flutter and speed accuracy be published for this "precision" turntable?

Tom L's picture

"Smooth, powerful two-hamster drive!"

Tom L's picture

of those silly built-in speakers makes it clear that this is not a serious piece of equipment.

Noodlebluesman's picture

Or is this article a pre-publication draft for an article to be published on April 1st.
I couldn't find anything about the turntable on the Majority webpage.

Noodlebluesman's picture

should we not encourage them to save $300-600 for an entry-level turntable that will sound better than an MP3? (Products fromU-Turn Audio, zPro-Ject, and AudioTechnica to name just a few.)
To encourage the purchase of a toy may have the unintended result of confirming a preconceived notion that "digital is better."

Glotz's picture

I'd rather wait until the review is out.

Noodlebluesman's picture

because April 1st is still weeks away.
As a budding audiophile in the seventies, I worked my way through college and saved to take the leap from a "Wildcat" folding portable record player to a Philips GA312 TT for about $129 with a Grado moving iron cartridge that I hooked up to a used Knight Kit DIY stereo receiver and speakers my uncle gifted me. That's equivalent to spending ~$627 in today's market. Today a newbie can get a new U-Turn Orbit Basic with phono pre-amp, a new Schiit Magni+ head-amp on closeout, and a set of AKG K361 cans for less than $627 and experience "hi-fi" as we old-timers called the experience.
Trust me, my old "Wildcat" would not have bested an MP3; and "yes" I know the first consumer MP3 player did not come out until 1997.
Some of us old-timers may be curmudgeons but we're not stupid. I accept your apology in advance.

HiFiMark's picture

that Mike would include a $100 record player in an enthusiast website where most readers consider $100 as chump change for random accessories. Or, maybe, for one interconnect or power cable. For the bathroom system.

Why? Primarily because it gives us long time audiophiles another option to recommend to friends for whom even $300 seems exorbitant for an audio "system" (crazy as that sounds to us...).

Here's the opportunity: friend buys a Majority Moto or something like it. Friend enjoys spinning records. Later, friend has a few more bucks and wonders, "how can I get better sound?" Audiophile buddy rides to the rescue with recommendations for some good sounding blue-tooth speakers. Soon, friend realizes that, over time, and for a few hundred bucks here, a few hundred there, he / she can have really great sounding music reproduction!

A few years ago, a friend asked, "can you set me up with a nice stereo for my husband for his birthday?" "Sure," I said. "Give me a thousand bucks and I'll make your living room sing, rock, and jump."

"Er, um, that's steep. I was thinking more along the lines of $400, and that's stretching it."

So, I set her up with a cheap and cheerful combo including a Music Hall table, a Sony receiver, and a pair of Dayton (yes Dayton) speakers.

He LOVED it. So much so that now, a few years later, he's upgraded cartridge and speakers (Ortofon and ELAC). Turntable upgrade likely to come.

And just like that, a tender new audiophile is born...

Glotz's picture

Good going Mark. I need to be more like you, instead of the Vinyl Rabbi I now consider myself to be: "Come to me 3 times and then we'll talk about getting you a turntable..." lol.

But for $400, one could start the path very economically. Now for the high price of vinyl... hmmmmm.

Glotz's picture

That is a much better deal, and in the spirit of positivity and Walt Whitman (Be Curious, not judgmental), I wanted to like this turntable for its sheer audacity at this price point.

But I do agree, spend a bit more and get much more. And something a bit more future proof.

Buuuuut, if someone is absolutely strapped for cash? I guess Amazon UK still has the same return policy?